June 25th, 2007

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GIP: eyespork!

As if I didn't have enough icons already, I now have an eyespork icon. (Eyecon?)

I probably need an LJ client that doesn't choke when I try to paste something that's too big to be posted to LJ into it. Semagic, or at least this version of it, will sit there for long amounts of time rather than refusing the paste and saying "You're trying to paste a novel into a breadbox. Stop it." Suggestions?
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Moody Monday

2007.06.25 Moody Monday


Tea is a good thing. My slashdot thoughts on what digital-age libraries need. Site Services Guy will learn pretty soon that there's a problem with his loudsqupeakers.


They're not Site Services Guy's loudsqueakers. They're IT's loudsqueakers. The amplifier is 20 years old and dying. He's got a helpdesk ticket in about it. This is not the first time they've done that, and kicking the amp evidently no longer works.

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