June 26th, 2007

running, bomb tech

Some parts of tonight are made out of win.

Unless your high school's principal is very, very cool, s/he will probably not take kindly to the prospect of your characters' rock band just showing up and completely rocking out. You can actually use this to your plot's advantage: evading the principal is now a conflict that they have to deal with! This was one of those random shower-thoughts. Think about what you have your character doing, then think about how everyone would react if it were someone not so awesomely cool doing it. Realize that someone in the surrounding people is going to be feeling that way when your character does it. (Either that or you have a happy land where absolutely everyone loves your character, which is all well and good but it may not have popular appeal, and it's certainly not reality.)

(Went and bled out the elbow after work. Movie of the day: Shooter.)

Came home. myrrhianna wasn't up for driving due to ear nastiness, so I got jai_dit home. A decent enough time was had by all, with general hilarity and cats and pizza and stuff.

Vgifts can be fun when used correctly.

And. OMG. Interview!
running, bomb tech


2007.06.26 omfg!


...I got to cite having seen goatse and tubgirl in my interview, as a reason that I am employable. To wit:

Interviewer: "You may in the course of your work encounter people with websites that are ... objectionable. Are you OK with that?"
Me: "I have seen both goatse and tubgirl, and I've survived."
She giggled. I think that's a good sign. She said I was very well suited to this position, at the end of the interview. *flail* I had stage fright before, and now I'm having reaction after. OMG.
I'm going to be cooking dinner tonight. I need to check with the bits of management (the ones here right now) what-all I have to download from my brain before I go part-part-time.
Typoes that you don't need to see in a suggestion: "fiends" for "friends". An honest typo, but hilarious in context. My dears, if you happen to be submitting a suggestion, do think about spell-checking as a bare minimum. There are things with typographical errors that could have been caught by spell-check, even LJ's spell-check. Admittedly, "fiends" wouldn't have been caught. Other things would have been.
I will have to make major downloads from my brain before I go part-part-time here. The prospect is scary.
Field will need me to document stuff too.