June 28th, 2007

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A much-needed venting session...

The problem with Queens is that if they start getting too power-hungry and wanting to run things like a dictatorial Empire, the subjects get cranky and revolt. In contrast, a good Captain always looks out for the crew, and therefore the crew looks out for the Captain.

In not entirely unrelated news, my leadership style is, has been, and likely always will be extremely laid-back. "General organizing principle" is how I've been describing myself, because I don't really lead. I let the group run itself for the most part. If needed, I'm the local Responsible Adult, and I man the beepy-thing, but otherwise the group does its thing. I've never had the energy to teach the group. I knew that coming in, and it was one of the reasons why I resisted taking the position. I guess I always figured that if the group wanted more structure, then the group would make it happen. Now the group's making it happen, and the only thing that confuses me is why it didn't happen sooner, since people clearly do want it this strongly.

The rest of it all is just the sort of midnight things that get said to Darkside or in private IRC, or not at all. I'm feeling this incredible disconnect from it all, as I have since the 2nd.

hcolleen is now in charge of cracking the whip. I'm fine with carrying on as Vague Organizing Principle. myrrhianna has volunteered to keep track of people, contact info, principles, and manifestos.

Some potential new names came up. There will be discussion, more brainstorming, and eventually some voting or somethin'.

M is going through some tough times right now, and the group as gathered tonight has discussed how best to present (in friendship and solidarity) the True Life Lessons that may help M get back on her feet and having positive energy experiences once more. (Points for decrypting that one into the language that was actually used.) Suffice to say that if you don't choose to work full-time, but are physically and mentally capable of doing so, it's hard to gain sympathy if you are upset at your plight of always living in a room with housemates and not having a car. (We can tell the difference between complaining and venting rather fast. We grok the venting, but the complaining we're rather more likely to help you make an action plan than sympathize with.) Likewise, consider having realistic expectations of housemates. In the grand tradition of artists since forever, consider taking that day job at least part-time so you'll have some income rather than none. Et cetera. One would think that by 40, one has gained at least an elementary understanding of how the world works.
running, bomb tech

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2007.06.28 Not On Fire


Last night was apparently interesting at work. I departed at 5:15, and therefore missed all the fun, but --

In the words of Homie G. Jr.: "At 5:30pm local MTZ we were forced to evacuate the building as we discovered an issue with the ac units." Homie G. (Sr.) clarifies: "We had to evacuate the building from 5:30pm to 6:30pm due to an ac unit blowing smoke into the building."

This is the second time within the past two years that one of them has done that. I overheard someone (not someone I recognized) talking on the phone about replacing wiring and this being cheaper than the alternative, though I don't know if he meant electrical, network, or something else. He was in company with the Local Fixit Geek, so I'm guessing network, because there's been some network badness also.

The prime factors of the weird number of query results are 17, 41, 337. Still not having a clue about wtf is up, sorry. I will probably have to dive into my SQL and hack at things. Alas. All it's intended to be is a "format the month properly in a way that won't break in a few years" thing, but ... ow?


Dove into my SQL. Hasn't helped yet. Rather, did help, but same bad results after changing syntax to match the working one exactly. "Bugger" was said.


Still not working. Copied and pasted SQL from the working one into the non-working one. Changed to fit the names of the things we're talking about. (Yay standardized naming.) Will not slap user in news-comments for making permies and people who think that fandom and LJ should be able to resolve their differences look bad. Will not slap.


Meeting with Management. Items:

  • That inconsistency that the office noticed; I should try to track it down. (Not my fault, but I am the troubleshooter.)
    • I had a brainstorm that I should check because it sounds too familiar.
    • I should check it on a Monday afternoon after all has been crunched up to the mothership.
  • 3 weeks off come new job training time.
  • Document all my development process, about what I think is an ugly hack and the things I think are golden. Seriously. In English, so other people can understand it. Oh, and rebuild my database the way I want it to be, once it's working.
  • Send Management those nifty spreadsheets I made for Field, because she hadn't heard about them before. (They've been in place for at least a year now, I think.)
  • I make fudge for bake sale.

Meetings with Management are often on that much crack.


I hate it when I try to say something and someone misinterprets it and goes off for a good length of time based on the misinterpretation. It's at this point that I preface my clarification with "Sorry -- " and proceed to try and figure out where what I said and what they heard diverged from each other.


Snarky Lady has gotten in on the act about giving JD a hard time about his soda habit. This could be so much worse if we started talking brand names. As it was, I cautioned him against sharing water with skeevy strangers. *smirk*

There is a training class in here today. One of the new ladies has the visual and spoken tags of a middle-aged quasi-broom-closeted pagan with a brain.


I may have isolated the names of the people who are appearing in one place but not the other. Raaaaaaagh. I beat data to death until it's time to stop or until I find an answer.


Data not quite dead yet, but I might be. Time to go home. Hope the air conditioner doesn't catch fire. Again.