July 8th, 2007

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Hooray for Sunday.

Cello Quartet video. Knowledge of 1997 Danish pop songs that were international hits helps a whole lot. Put down beverages for this modern classic. Via onyxrising.

Destruct-testing as an advertising gimmick is still fun. Via jai_dit, MicroManiac. I had Shawn flashbacks. Related: the classic Will It Blend?

I think the gynecological TMI is over for the month. Hooray!

I'm going to see what else I can get done at work for a few hours. This will probably mean one of those extended updated entries, probably with lots of cussing, and a decent amount of pestering IRC. (I love you guys, you know that?)
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2007.07.08 A waste of a perfectly good day off?

2007.07.08 A waste of a perfectly good day off?


Came in because I want to actually get things done tomorrow. ...and o woe. New supervisor dude vs. his TPS reports = not good this time around. Didn't fill in all of the fields. Team 3's TPS report from Monday = misplaced. Team 2's TPS report from Thursday = incomplete. Alas. ...Though it looks like it's "incomplete because those were zero values and dude didn't think to fill in a zero" rather than "I forgot to check those things".


How did I not hear about Apocalyptica until now? sithjawa, I flag them for your attention if you're interested in finest-kind cellists doing Metallica, as well as other things.


People around me may have heard me declaring, with a wry twist to my voice and my chin up in the air, "I do not like peas!" This is actually not a reference to idonotlikepeas, even though it's his username. This is a reference to the poly-truism about the ability to relate anything and everything to the object of one's affections. "Peas. BOYFRIEND likes peas!" is the example. This has been abbreviated to "peas" in certain circles I'm in. So when I get triggered now with a thing that used to trigger the "peas" reaction, I have to remind myself. I do not like peas.