July 11th, 2007

running, bomb tech


First I failed at faxing. Then I succeeded at faxing, after finding TFM online. Hooray for TFM.

Yesterday night I decided it would be a good idea to pile pillows on my roommate for no apparent reason: http://pics.livejournal.com/gameboyguy13/pic/0016zha7/


Got up around 6:30. Went to the new workplace. Got there on time. Chilled in break room. Went into conference room. Filled out lots of paperwork. Got sent off to get drug tested. Hung around there a lot. V. annoying. We hit AZ Mills for lunch; lunch featured a cup of soda toppling over and hitting the floor SPLAT and splitting open in the time-honored reason why people are not allowed to have those cups on the call center floor. I found the new TMBG, but not Legacy. Went to work. Hacked at stuff. Got interrupted a lot, and did not have headphones. Acquired headache. Went to writers group; wrote accidental porn in trying to introduce a character. Now that it's out of my head, can I has actual intro plz? Read it aloud; hid a lot. Dinner fun except for the walnuts. Walnut thing has potential to be an actual allergy and not just a sensitivity! Or something. It's usually pecans. I can tell the difference. Other people can't. I let our darling waiter know that switching nuts = potentially very bad. He hadn't known the nuts were switched. He eventually did find who switched them, and pointed out that hello, ALLERGY HERE.

I am irritated with the recent trend in Foundation spam. Asimov's remains should not be used to power the entirety of New York City, people.