July 13th, 2007

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And this is what Thursday morning was like.

http://www.themorningnews.org/archives/how_to/the_nonexpert_ikea.php (via beckyzoole)

Waking up from a dream starring your best friend (except with hair belonging to another buddy of yours, with a scary 60s headband in pink) as an FBI agent somewhere around the Senate, partnered with another agent played by Samuel L. Jackson, and the two of them coming down a hallway into the area in a dance number that looks across between Men In Black and West Side Story (as choreographed by Hansen and the Backstreet Boys) ... entirely surreal.

(The hair? Belonged to jai_dit, the parts of it that he got cut off. It was a few inches long, very puffy to the point of starting to go curly, and definitely, without a doubt, blond.)

The Green Glitter Incident, establishing that Shawn does not, in fact, have a monopoly on Bad Physics Moments.

I made chicken fried rice tonight. Heavy on the five-spice, light on the garlic, but I'll get better at it as time goes on. It was supper, there are six iterations freezing for lunches, and there's a nice large container of it in the refrigerator. We'll see who gets to it first.
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Birthday pie. Picture is from June 5th. We ditched out early on the 4th due to general exhaustion.

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2007.07.13 Semi-Farewell & Friday the 13th

2007.07.13 Semi-Farewell & Friday the 13th


Evidently the thing where I announced the 22nd widely as my last day of full part-time, and then realized that omg no it was sooner because of the time-of-day schedule, threw people off. There was evidently something being plotted for next week as a semi-farewell, but since I won't be around next week for that, Management is making sure to drag me in on Thursday for our regular meeting. :D I don't think I'm supposed to know this. It's really just an excuse for a party. I know I'm reasonably popular, but even if people hated me there'd be a party because that's how things go.


Clearing out old tables in the database in preparation for upload. Hooray! Checklists make this flow ever so much better. I don't have to puzzle it out each time. Yes, my checklist is part of the docs, and I'm adding the things that I

Wednesday night, I demonstrated to myself that yes, I can and do gibber with rage. One of the lady writers made reference to something in the past that had upset me at the time (different thing than the one I was mentioning yesterday) and I started spitting out nonsense syllables and wound up stomping over to the nearest metal post and banging my head against it (gently) for comfort. I react badly to people messing with other people who I've decided are "my people", and if I can't do anything to assure that those who are doing the messing never do it again, I get cranky.


And of course in typical me-fashion, there's at least one thing being done half-assedly at the last minute. Hooray documentation for the Morningstar Reports, which is not their official name but they are that evil.




I'm at the point where I need the documentation as much as anyone else does (well, a little less) because it's too much to hold in my head all at once. My hair is up on my head in a coiled braid-bun because that is a very lazy hairstyle.


Must bring home ice when done with work. Discovering the "undocumented features" of the DB.


Told Obso1337 Manager that I am working from my docs and cursing the writer of the docs from time to time. He told me that it doesn't work like that. I told him that it does. *grin*


My database has buckets. (I picked up terminology from the team who did the one thing, which predated the lolrus. It's just a lot more amusing now.)


Found a criteria mismatch. Fixed the criteria mismatch, after much cussing.

Feck. It is not null as I hoped it would be. It is zero. Motherfucker. This disappoints me, and I am wrathful. Shall poke at queries to make sure that this does not make me unhappier than I could be.


Right then. Going to have to discuss the thing with Management before trying to do anything with it; I should haul my tailfeathers in on Monday.