July 21st, 2007

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Spoily reactions, largely reconstructed rather than live.

As always, my reactions are a mix of canon, fanon, LW RP canon and fanon, and gods know what. Have joined the_ass_ship, which ships characters that y'all who haven't read the book haven't met yet.

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Overall, I got what I was expecting out of it: solid characters, good worldbuilding, and rampant plot bunnies bursting out all over the place, juicy and flavorful and ever so ready to be caught, stewed, and served up properly. My head is busily re-weaving all the dangling plot threads into the Harry Potter story I wanted it to be. If it comes out coherent enough I'll maybe share it with the rest of y'all. I have this internal editor that will take raw materials like that, see the story that was meant to have been written, and go through that one instead. I'm really really bad at canon on HP, because I'm not detail-oriented like you need to be to be a complete canon junkie, and my head re-weaves the story to account for bad canon. I stopped reading Real Canon at OotP, because by then there was enough fanon to carry me through transcending the real books.
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