July 24th, 2007

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After being smacked in the face with a Clue Bat a few times...

In the event of an actual, genuine, provable incident of a publisher being an asshat and using the LJ Abuse Prevention Team as their enforcement arm, I have the following ideas about what to do:

Step 0: Wait at least 24 hours before freaking out, and check the facts of the matter first, before writing an outraged tirade that promptly gets edited to private upon being smacked with a Clue Bat by an amused friend. :-P
Step 1: Let the publisher (directly) know we are outraged and offended; give the publisher some suggestions about how this could be made if not right, at least less wrong.
Step 2: Hope the publisher will do so.
Step 3a: If the publisher does so, throw a fucking party.
Step 3b: If the publisher does not do so, carry out the activities of an outraged fandom to the best of our ability. We all know how this song goes.
Step 4: If the publisher continues to hold firm against fandom, commence seducing its authors away from it. Check publisher information on all books before buying. Let the publisher know what books you would have bought had you not been angry with them. Support independent efforts of authors to try group-sponsored publication like dduane is experimenting with. Support your local independent bookseller. Write, unionize, and bring the era of the monolith publisher to a crashing halt.
running, bomb tech

She loves the cream!

Being awake at the same time and listening to the same songs means saying "She loves the cream!" at the same time when the topic of Oreos comes up.


This is hysterical, and about the same factual quality you'd expect from a cross between The Register, Overheard In New York, Oh No They Didn't, and The Onion.

Spoiler/Spoiler, and so hot. Legilemen!sex.

I have friends whose upstairs neighbors are On. Crack. Case in point -- one should never just randomly throw a head of lettuce off your balcony into their yard. (I can't even type it with a straight face, because it's so very completely the sort of thing that should NEVER HAPPEN. At the time, I recommended finding a wig (the one on that userpic of ljkrissy's might do), a baseball cap, a few nails, a Sharpie to draw two X-marks and a frowny, and plenty of ketchup or red paint, and then returning it... )

From Thursday:
Busted the nice necklace I made for my ID card almost the moment I put it on. The crimping did not withstand me whacking the thing as soon as I sat down. Alas. Got most of the beads back from the floor.

http://www.javascriptkit.com/howto/htaccess.shtml was my current reading for part of this morning. One

http://datasells.com/designsdirectusa/ -- addictive. Not allowed at my workplace on the call floor for the obvious reason.

I'm already ready to shoot the easy website creator tool that the workplace has. I don't think it was designed for bloody effing FireFox. Oh, heck. And I asked the domain forwarding to happen. (I'm playing with two practice websites here: one internal-only links site, and one customer-facing example site. But I set up the 2nd URL to forward to the 1st URL, so I had to tell it to not forward and now I'm waiting for the thing to propagate so I can see it.) (Insert more cursing here.)

Woohoo, it's propagated! (It has my last name and employer in it, so I don't think I'll be linking it publicly, but I'm having fun with it.)

From today (longer):
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http://www.geocities.com/darthmaligna/harrypotter2.html, via samurai_ko (no spoilers for anything current)