July 31st, 2007

running, bomb tech


Things I learned: I am decent at taking very upset people and calming them down and getting sense out of them. Things I am not good at: when I understand something in my head but not in my mouth, and I try to explain it? If the person on the other end of the phone is already cranky and impatient, that makes them more so. I felt like about a million dollars (in the hole) on that one.

Whacked through e-mail at the second job pretty fast. Got updates downloaded and saved where they belong. Answered some immediate concerns on the stats project. Only put in 2.5 hours because it was the end of the month and everything was shutting down; I estimated an exit time and stuck to it. More Thursday. There is ungodly lots to get done on that thing. Pandora's Box.

Tuesday is teriyaki bowl day. We have a choice of obtain-our-own-lunch, or either beef or chicken, with or without vegetables. If I'm going to the secondary job after I finish with the primary job, I get two -- one for lunch, one for supper. I've learned my lesson about running without fuel.

I've also learned my lesson about not having water as well as coffee on the floor. That gets me a little too edgy, and I need a deep well of calm as well as that level of energy. I'm also going to start building up a core of loyal clients, because loyal clients are a good thing when you give good tech support. QA likes me so far. Now I need to work on my selling-stuff-fu.
running, bomb tech

Other little pieces.

http://cadhla.livejournal.com/1297088.html?#cutid1 -- The muffin top. Let me tell you how much I loathe it.

http://politics.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=07/07/31/0018241&from=rss -- Ted Stevens gets the Feds all up ins his place.

Hee hee hee. Occasionally, good financial karma hits me, in the form of how I often forget the exact setting between one ten-dollar increment and the next as it's supposed to appear on the rent check, and therefore I write it down for the next ten-dollar increment up. Sooner or later, this catches up with me, and someone points out that I have $whatever overpaid and I only need pay $whatever_else more. That's what happened today. :D You never know when you're going to need that little grace amount. I (knock wood) don't seem to need it need it this month, but it's that much more that I didn't have to come up with.

Next week I have to get up at 4:30 in the morning. You can imagine how much this thrills me.

Things I do not want: easy post emoticons on LJ. Getting up way too early. Many things. But easy post emoticons makes me snarly. A mood theme is good enough. Easy emoticons discourage one from attempting to paint the mood in words or original art. I like words and original art.

You know you have a good manager when you can discuss JKR's latest work in an adult and literate fashion, with an undertone of giggly fangirliness. Management has a thing for Legolas, also. :D (Secondary workplace.)

Boys from Canada are often cute, from the sampling I've seen. (There seem to be two in our class at work. The other lead geek in the back of the room is one of them. He is also married, so I'll keep my admiration to myself.) The guy with the red cube badge over thattaway is also cute. It doesn't hurt that he's in a position to be having a red cube badge.

The IRC channel that I frequent live in sometimes has impromptu nick theme nights. As a result of one of those, http status codes started creeping their way into nicks as short, content-rich away messages. Tonight there's a http status/area code mix theme going on. Insanity is being had. I am Azz|408 at the moment, because I am unlikely to respond within a timeframe that anyone would be willing to wait, but if they care to poke me when I am available, they're welcome to repeat whatever thing they wanted to ask me or tell me. :D I'm often Azz|503 when I'm having some scheduled downtime.

Test part 1 of that one thing that I promised to test is done; I'll have to wait until later for test part 2. Noting right now that the "join us" thing is not showing up at this time on my Cox; it's also showing a bright red message about nightly updates, though the timing is a good several hours off for what it claims to be.