August 19th, 2007

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End of the weekend

My high school 10-year reunion is organizing itself on MySpace. Fear this.

Saturday featured me tagging and delaying the whole party, then more of the guy who gets sucked down the toilet, then some Kimi wa Petto, then driving around Mesa for an hour, then Organ Stop Pizza. I was a good girl and did my laundry before going off to have fun. There was an amusing interlude at Circle K, asking for directions, looking at lighters, and not buying crack.

Lengthy rant is brewing. Short version: losing goodwill is a bad thing. Stop it.
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I swear by nougat now.

Today's notes, which I didn't save, featured me swearing in the name of nougat, and then describing a particular customer's speed at getting his password reset as at not quite the speed at which glaciers reshaped Alaska.

I got lunch a little early. I did all right on the phones today. There's a fellow who was sitting next to me today, in the cube of the guy who throws the ball. His phone manner isn't one that I really need to have in my ear; he's a little loud. I take solace in the fact that it's not his permanent cube.

Supper was bagels. Lox! Cream cheese! Capers! Tomato! Glee!

After supper was work2. I hit my head against Null-to-Zero, and now have an attractive placard on my wall to remind myself of it.

The prodigal son has returned!

Darkside was just headed to lunch when I called him on break. Let's see if he's actually collapsed in bed yet. (This is what slumber party phone conversations are for.)

Speaking of slumber parties, Heather told me about an awesome Japanese slumber party game. You light 100 candles. You tell ghost stories. You blow out one candle for each ghost story you tell. You can imagine the effect this has. I love it! (We'll have to play that sometime.)
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