August 25th, 2007

exhausted, tired, Azzsleep

Annnnd ... away we go?

Yesterday was all kinds of crazy-fun. Myrrh has the same high heels that I was trying on that one time at the store and had to channel my inner drag queen. Related, there was trying on of a certain dress, a trip to the nail salon (pedicures!), supper, and an inevitable viewing of To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar. It turns out Myrrh's camera and mine are the same; mine's just two model numbers up!

I have the directions sketched out here. I do not have "Sketchy Galore" on Fruitz (the iPod Shuffle), nor do I have any OK Go, but there should be some other things. Fun!

Next: hopping in the car (we're taking Myrrh's -- again, we've got nearly identical vehicles) and making with the ice and the water (and the power adapter) and going!
Order and Chaos, Escher

Home safely! Hooray successful LA roadtrip!

The shoe!
The power adapter!
(the salt.)
No flashlight. :(
Bad puns in the dark. That'll get you bees. And scorpions. And snakes.
The mp3 player!
Soldier boys at the rest stop.
Me and the Camera.
Multiple fuel/rest stops, AC fun, and clustertrucks.
The windmill farm.
That crazy CHiP, omg?
Bookstore! sithjawa! The festival!
Lunch! A commune! Hooray!
Getting JD to Union Station! Plus, shoes! Ow, my legs (but feet are happy).
The system is down! JD made his connection!
Monkey! Prescription-strength chocolate. Fangirls all around!
Lost in LA? Found! Homeward bound!
WTF, camera?
Need to swap "Diamonds and Rust" for "Maria".
The Great Car-Stuff Shuffle.