September 1st, 2007

phone, cordless phone

Hooray friends and family!

Vash is in the parking lot at the Sam's. He's been slow to start for a while, like old cars will get, which I thought odd, and I was going to get him checked out, but I was waiting until there was a little more room in the budget. I was shopping, and then he would not start. It's not the battery. The starter sputtered and ticked; myrrhianna has not heard anything like it before!

I followed a quite logical path instead of panicking. First, I tried starting him again. Then I added the new minutes card to the phone. Then I called Myrrh to make sure I could get a ride home. Then I went back over to the store and made sure that it would not cause problems for anyone if I had to leave Vash in the parking lot there overnight. Then I pulled out the card for my friendly little auto shop on the corner and tried their number (no love). Then I called Mama.

Myrrh got me and my groceries (in a freezer bag with ice packs) home. By that time, there was already a call back from Dad on the machine. I hung out with her for a while, and there was gigging. Tomorrow, I shall see about getting Vash retrieved and fixed. Contingency plans for getting to work while this-all is happening are in place, should he not be fixed by the end of tomorrow. (Translation: I owe Myrrh groceries or somethin' already.)
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running, bomb tech

And this is how I spent my Saturday.

Fletcher's doesn't tow, but they can fix 'im. Good to know. Step 2: call for a tow. And I think perhaps in this case my auto insurance company may be able to help.

Several hours later...

It was the battery.
running, bomb tech


nilo has a hammer to be envied, and a very practical reason for it.

There is rain out there.

Showed myrrhianna "A Flock of Lawn Flamingos"; this prompted the founding of an international society. In the course of this bizarre happening, we wound up at diverse places including The Smoking Gun (where I succeeded in reading out of "The Ghetto Handbook" and getting something closer to street, where myrrhianna's years of attempting to eradicate the Baltimore from her precise diction had her trying and failing), a Baltimore vocabulary list, "Obey your Noodly Master, hon", and goodness only knows what else. (My immediate declaration after one of the items in the list? "I ain't got a gat but I got a soldering gun.")

There is a Vegas trip being plotted for March.

I need to tell Darkside that Dawn has rescheduled her visit here -- October, not September.

We eventually concluded that since I had tow straps in my emergency bag, we might have actually been able to use Myrrh's car to tow Vash in a general homeward direction. "We just would have needed to get a refrigerator..." Myrrh said, and we busted up laughing.

That video needs editing, but could become a cult classic on YouTube. The video I got of Nibiki hiking herself closer to the camera on the carpet? Also needs editing, but needs less anonymizing and more Jaws theme.

Got to talk with best friend today. We were both a little disconnected. He's always been a great one for snap first, apologize later. I take it as mark of his high regard for me and our friendship that he does apologize and explain after snapping. The explanation makes it that much less likely that I hit one of his pet peeves/raw nerves again. He's on edge; I'm on edge; he made some puns so horrid that all I could do was collapse laughing. With a TV in the apartment (after we move), I just might wind up watching more of it. Like Dr. Who.

Sushi is good.

I need to move my mood theme over to LJ hosting.
I need to get that trout and start slapping it into glass. (Darkside mentioned the need for a sound effects person.)
I need sleep.