September 11th, 2007

running, bomb tech

Here's Tuesday.

hcolleen is addicted to mahjong.
"They have programs for this," I say.
"Better than this one?" she says.
I groan.

I guess he had to get his kicks somehow.

Tonight I am darkening the ends of my hair. Blue dye turns my brown hair black, so I'm touching up my ends. They'll glow blue in bright sunlight, and I'll have gotten rid of another bottle of god-knows-what in the shower.

synecdochic has a variant on the pride thread this week -- rather than accomplishments, this is skills. I can list out a few now --

I can identify the sex of a mosquito or an adult chicken.
I can write humor -- slapstick, situational, and political.
I can perform basic to moderately advanced computer troubleshooting and repair.
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