September 29th, 2007

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I saw that the lady who hands out the prizes was in the building, so I paused by the door of her temporary office and told her how much I was appreciating Fruitz. She was happy to hear that. She really loves her job -- she gets to make so many people happy.

Suggestion for me to write up properly: make site search topic remember last thing searched on. Because if you're going to be searching for one, you're probably going to be searching for more -- or at least look into the site stats and see if user data bears out that assumption of mine. Because if it does, it would make sense to do that, then. (Waiting until someone is up to give me the OK on it, because I have unmoderated access to post.)

The latest 'Zero Tolerance' debacle -- upstate New York school security guard asks teenager if she has her period, because she wouldn't be allowed to carry her purse otherwise. So of course the kids are showing solidarity and visibly wearing menstruation paraphernalia. Via Pandagon.

Ew. (Seriously.) Brain-eating amoebas, and it's *local*.

Am intermittently shuffling boxes. Have packed a box of kitchen things.
running, bomb tech

A Moving Experience

The IKEA delivery happened. hcolleen was there. Yay!

I wandered over there somewhat later, with things. We put things together. Today I finished the bookcase and most of the bed. Next time I work on tackling the desk.

Darkside was busy (he's going to be for the next little while) but he made sarcastic commentary at me.

My sheets will be wrinkled, but dry and ready for me to deploy.

I am tired. Goodnight.