October 7th, 2007

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2007.10.07 Where's the fire?

I swear that either Alianora or Laurel Ann is quitting smoking or something, because I am starting to get the oddest cravings for a cigarette. I have never smoked them. (I never intend to, either.) It doesn't feel like Rose; they've finally found each other and settled down or something, because she's been quiet for years. (If you have no idea who they are, don't worry.)

Vanilla Almond Luna bars are a no-go for me. They're a little too bland and styrofoamy. NEXT!

Squashed work-bug in the form of logtime problems. Go, me. It took looking at the SQL and then headdesking, because I was convinced that it was pulling from the same source query and coming out with something different, instead of pulling from a similarly named source query and coming up with something different. *headdesk*

Righty-o! I think stats for Q2 are ready to deploy, and Q3 should be gearing up to go ... tomorrow! When I talk with the Office Lady!

caffeine, beautiful addiction

Sunday is my Monday.

To do: hours needs a thing that will insert bogus 0-hours records for everyone under all things Just To Make Sure There Is Something There. But that is closer to the front end than it is the back end.

Good day at work, though there were a few rough moments.

Good day at work2; fixed bugs. Drive home was nice and peaceful.

Plotting for tomorrow: work1, work2, work with the Office Lady on the stats, skive out maybe a little early if I can and grab things like THE SHOWER HEAD from apartmentold, then come back home.

Plotting for Tuesday: Vash has appointment after work1; shall go there. Perhaps drag hcolleen as myrrhianna must be visited; it is imperative. We can probably grab a few more boxes or something as well. Now that we are over here, I can actually go to bed a little not-so-early on Tuesdays; I shall poke the House.

Re: THE SHOWER HEAD: one flaw with new apartment! BROKEN SHOWER HEAD THAT FLIES OFF. It hit me on my head today as soon as I turned on the shower. WHAM. That did not feel so good.

Need to call Darkside, as have been unconscionably busy.

Need to stop by post office. Also need to call Qwest. And hit up the DVM website. Alas.

My right knee is feeling better. My right shoulder is not feeling better. I need to grab some ibuprofanity before bed, I think. Not that it's OMG THE HURT right now, but that I should give the muscles a chance to not be all hurty and tense and therefore get better faster.

I have been drinking a little more soda lately. This is perhaps to compensate for my improved other eating habits. I'm inclined to not mind the soda thing, because that's a thing that I can very easily correct, and it's a reasonably tasty dessert, and it's winter so proper hydration is not as screamingly vital.

There was a general scent of smoke about when I was driving home. This time it did not smell like burning poo, although it did not smell like a standard urban cooking fire either.

There is this little shopping center nearby that is positively infested with neon. I need to get a photo. There is this little housing development that has tried and failed to trompe l'oeil proper gables and overhanging roofs and has succeeded in very accurately making a gingerbread laughingstock of the buildings. I must get a photo of those as well. The former must be a night-photo, and the latter must be a day-photo. I have a lot of photography to catch up on.
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