October 14th, 2007

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2007.10.14 Almost there...


For what it's worth, I parse the phrasing "... is there a reason ... ?" as having several possible valid answers. One of the answers is "No, there is not a reason." The rest of the answers involve "Yes, and it is ___ ." But then, I am a literalist bastard, and was raised by one. This doesn't make me insensitive to nuance, but it does make me myself.


Barking Phone Goon appears to be no longer with the company. Wish I could have known which wall I'd have wanted to be a fly upon.


Things are pulled, except for a few people who have troubles in here. I'll see what I can get done with them.

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The Target on the corner has the right brand of tea. See refrigerator.

Pie does not have tentacles.

August has gone missing. Alert the cops. (The month, not an entity of that name.)

I will have a good day tomorrow, because I had one today at work1, right?

Escaping out your movie embedding script is not a good plan. Still not entirely sure how she thought she was doing that.

Ran into first instance of user uploading entire Windows directory to hosting account. Plus side: hosting account is generously sized.

Beware rising ICANN fee.

I have been using the huggy-iced-water-bottle as a sleep aid.

8 hours at work1 followed by 5.5 (which was actually 8.5 and 5.75 due to lunch and poor estimating, respectively) hours at work2 does not make a cheerful Lunatic, especially as time at work2 was extended by alarums & exceptions.

I am made unhappy if attempting to shower without bar soap. Thus, hello Mr. Bar Soap.

There was a manhunt on the freeways on the drive home. Srsly, three distinct freeways had their overhead signs lit up with the vehicle's description and instructions to push the panic button if you saw the vehicle. One hopes the driver was stupid enough to stay on the lit-up freeway with hundreds of people taking their eyes off the road in an attempt to scope out whatever sort of fugitive it was.
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From a blatant scam email:

Note: That this is not one of those Nigerian/African scams that all they
are after is to ripe you off your money and at the end you wil not receive
your funds, but note that this is no scam and is directly from the
Management of Western Union Money Transfer United Kingdom Head Office and
our Motto is To Serve You Better.

There's really not much more I can say to make this paragraph much better.

I'm so thoughtful. I figured that the fellow who sent this email probably didn't want to do business with me, so I thought I'd hook him up with a friend of mine, a nice young man who specializes in taking on this sort of business deal as a bit of a hobby.
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