October 15th, 2007

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Work2 Stats for Quarter 3, 2007

Verily, stats have been pulled, and sent to Management and my trainee-the-Office-Lady (to be distinguished from my Trainee, who is computer-literate).

I found August. August was hiding because my lowercase-t-trainee put in 7 out of 8 job numbers (part of a primary key, and a foreign key in another table) in wrong. And I don't have the sort of data integrity validation that catches stuff like this by itself. I did not shoot anyone, largely because she was out of the office by then, and I'd the presence of mind to call Darkside before I exploded. Darkside is a sweetheart, and although it was right before supper and his dad was expecting a call, he comforted me, mostly by telling me to hurry it up, because of same. It. Just. Sheesh.

And then let's not get in to the matter of the calls-per-hour on the one job being set to the calls-per-hour on the other job. This after I'd re-pulled. So I had to clear out the offending tables, correct the data in the source tables, and re-run everything that made things happen. Sheesh.

But. It's pulled. The stats are to Management, the spreadsheet with people and bonuses are to the Office Lady, and that little sheet telling who was a Bad Boy and got onto the wrong screen are with Management also, to distribute as she sees fit. And the stats for release are to the Office Lady, both the copy to distribute and the copy to file. Glee!

The next part is training the Office Lady some more in the data-crunching end of things. I backed up the DB at the point where we halted, so we can take right up. Errors and all.
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