October 23rd, 2007

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Action-packed fun stack.

*headdesk* Time to dig up paperwork and skewer the company that was supposed to be the middleman for my car payments. IT DOES NOT WORK IF THEY DO NOT MIDDLE. First, though, to contact my *bank* and tell them that the middleman flaked out for some reason unbeknownst to me, although it's becoming beknownst in a fucking hurry. Since my bank and my car loan are the same corporate entity, I rather think that I should like to slice the middleman into ribbons cut out the middleman.

When I am given a list of suggestions for an item, suggestions not intended to be applied together, it amuses me to attempt to think of the consequences if the suggestions were applied serially. For example, Target's suggestions for uses for a shopping bag. One should not carry out suggestion #8, "kitty litter liner", and then carry out #9, "tomorrow's lunch bag", in that order.

Web Geek snagged me at work2 today, as I was cruising through; I paused to BS with him, and then he borrowed me to look over his shoulder to try and hack out exactly what it was that he was doing wrong when he was trying to reproduce these results that someone had in their Access thing in pure SQL. I had fuck-all clue, but I poked with him, and I hope I helped. I had some thoughts when I was coming back home; I should see if I can shoot him an email with the design that's working halfway in my head; maybe he can get something more coherent out of it than I can.

I retrieved our old phone from the old apartment; there's less and less there for the cleanup this next weekend. Good! hcolleen has a message from Saturday afternoon on the answering machine. Chatted briefly with the Lady Downstairs, the one with the cat named Leia. She still thinks hcolleen and I are a couple, I think, and there's really very little tactful way to say that while her guess was decent, it was also wrong. Especially when she hasn't said, she's just implying.

Have called company. Have left message. Their hours compared to my work hours are just sucktastic. 9-6, EST. Fortunately, I can leave a message.

Message from V: "I'm working in Ohio for another couple of weeks and my internet access is limited, but please tell both Stacey and Michelle I said YES and I'll be in touch soon."

Have (finally) retrieved vacuum cleaner and cat food from car.

Management is going to see what will need to be done in order to get me the ability to work from home at certain points. (Management doesn't really mind the idea of me going 90% work-from home, truth be told, since it's a bit of a commute and she'd rather not have me burn up my pay in gas money, and she'd rather not have me burning out from working longer shifts when I could be doing a few hours here and there from home.) So the current game plan is to get the requirements, get Madman working for my desktop, and then get Thalia cleaned up enough that she can be used as an actual laptop and work machine. (read: remove all porn, uninstall time-wasting apps.) I already have web access to the email; I'll just need to be able to get to certain parts of the network.

Work1 today had certain moments. One of the ones that made me happiest was when the two ladies with their cookie website called in with their tale of woe: their web designer had got a website half-up, with template defaults hanging out all over and information that was just plain wrong, and then stopped answering their calls, and had been out of contact for a week. They were vexed with him, but most importantly they wanted what was up there to stop hanging out half-done; they wanted some sort of construction page up, at least. So I took a look at what was there, and hatched a cunning plan. It wasn't a regular plain website: there was scripting all over. PHP. Fun stuff. So I found the primary index page, and had them rename it from example.com/cooking/index.php to example.com/cooking/index.php1. Then I had them go out to the root directory, locate welcome.html, make a copy of it to /cooking/, and rename it index.php. The ladies just about intellectually followed what I was having them do, and were pleased as pie when they saw that their site was no longer hanging out half-done. And it's going to be a quick and easy thing to reverse, versus what they were afraid they'd have to do -- delete all the stuff up in there or something.

Because I am a dorkfish, I took ten minutes out of my evening to email the web geek the stuff my head cooked up while I was driving home. I'll have to see if the query structure I gave him is at all sound. (I mentioned I try to design things, right?) Now it is well past bedtime. I should go there.
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I should find some sleep.

Words I have started abusing: "dorkfish".

There is a telephone. People can commence with pestering the household via it. Answering machine still needs to be updated, but there is a telephone. Film at eleven. There was no Cox pounding on the door, just a packet left outside. At least it was not Cox sending blank packets. Called amberfox; called the parents and got Dad and had a nice chat. Don't know if Aunt-Fayoumis is evacuated; their power and connectivity is down, as Uncle-Fayoumis's weather station has stopped updating.

I have several weeks of little snippets from my day to share with the rest of the class. I will have to find the time to put those up.

Today's gem: the confused-sounding gentleman who called wanting to know what ports he would need when setting up Outlook. I advised him that I could tell him, but it would do him not a lick of good: he didn't even have his DNS with us, much less his email. He was calling on the advice of his hostmaster, who told him that we can have arcane settings that he would need. That call was good for some wtf-ery.

Oh! And then the guy who interpreted the product PimpMyDomain (not its real name) to mean "I has a domain!" ... no, sir. That one went a lot better than it could have, but then he had no idea what domain he actually was interested in... some people have no creativity. None at all, sir.

My laptop can't be used for work2 connectivity, because it's against security policy. Fair enough. They do have an old one rattling around, though, and that may well be just as top-of-the-line as Thalia here.
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More trivia!

hcolleen and I read each other's minds from time to time, in the fashion that people who have gotten to know each other will. Sometimes we pick up exact phrasing. Today myrrhianna and I both thought we'd said the same thing, but only one of us actually said it out loud. We're still trying to work out exactly who that was.

The Beasts are not allowed to scratch the carpet. They have perfectly good scratching posts. There is a memo to this effect.

Dad says Mama is taking part in an exhibition at "the pickle barrel" next year some time. I was a little fuzzy on details, but it sounds extremely cool. Dad's torn retina does not sound cool. This is the reason that he is prohibited from "bumping down the stairs", that being a far better way to descend the stairs than the normal fashion when one has one bad ankle and one bad knee (not on the same side of the body, naturally).

To investigate at work2: timesheet people interviewing!! And also the null action: see if there are null actions what fell out, and INCLUDE IN DOCS EVEN IF NOT YOU BOZO.

There were UPS follies earlier today. It seemed as if the banging was on a downstairs door, the notice was on our door, and the package was next door. Turned out to have been intended for the next row over.

Gave and received first wrong number call today. There are no male-types who may be reached reliably at this number, all JD-ing aside. I must remember to type in the 1 before calling Mama and Dad. I need to put this number in the Do Not Call list. (If anyone sees the base/charger for the cordless part of the main phone, please to plug it in and plunk the handset in it? Sorry for louding you out, Ecchi-chan.)

Yesterday, I remembered where that Starbucks was. My rat-memory prevailed. Or something.

I hit 50 on http://freerice.com this evening. I was determined to beat that game, but it's so fun I'll just keep playing.

The word "loudsmithery" is not a word (that I know of), but it should be.

I wonder if someone would get sued for a shirt that said "It's not 'Will it', it's 'Should it'!", with a line drawing of a blender.

The middleman emailed me back, informing me that Things have been Done. Hooray! My message was not entirely coherent, but they got the right email address, which is made of epic win, especially considering that they probably wouldn't have had that address when setting up the account.

Must arrange for People What Take Large Unwanted Furniture to come and do their thing.

There is a tree that scrapes the covered parking. EARHURT. Tonight I heard what sounded like a drum circle coming from somewhere near-ish by. Former = fail. Latter = win. (Why are "win" and "fail" considered viable direct opposites? It's really supposed to be "lose", but youth culture labeled my cat, etc.) (Introduced Management to the concept of XKCD. Must now link her.)
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The CAPTCHA cube saga continues...

Smoking1 Red Cube Badge Guy has been having woes with techs not paying attention to his messages of the day. One of the most recent annoyed messages was to the effect of: "Do not ask 'Are we having a problem with...'?! Tell me what the issue is!!"

I watched as he wrote that up on the whiteboard, and then asked: "Are we having a problem with people not reading your board?"

1) This as in "fumar", not "caliente". Though he's not hard on the eyes either.