October 30th, 2007

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Zombie Day (balance)

Hooray for being a zombie. hcolleen has my phone, on silent. Text messages sent today will not reach the intended recipient until probably later than anticipated. I need a new happy nightgown, because my pink nightgown is edging into disreputable. I woke up knowing that I could do one thing today: either go to work, or finish the moving-out-and-cleaning. Moving-out-and-cleaning won, so hcolleen is at work, my supervisor has been checked in with (face to face), and I will be catching up a few hours so I will be coherent to finish cleaning old apartment.

Myrrh, not to worry -- yes, I am home, yes, I am probably asleep. Any noises short of attempting to wash the cats should be fine.
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    "Two Out of Three Ain't Bad" (in my head now; it played on the drive back home)
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Productive after all.

http://community.livejournal.com/techsupport/1519516.html -- rates.

Between St. Vincent de Paul not getting back to me until today (and saying that there wouldn't be a truck available until the 5th), and me being a general flake, there was no truck. In the absence of Truck, hcolleen recommended that we scrap the issue, especially given that I don't really have a deposit to get back. hcolleen had had the kind of day at work that made me insist on Starbucks for green tea for her now, and then she brought up the issue of her computer, dammit, so we were off to Fry's. I dropped her off near home (after creeping her out sufficiently with cadhla's nightmare The Phantom Hitchhiker), and went back to the old place. By that time it was omg rush hour, so I took a back route and got there a lot more pleasantly and at about the same time. I detoured to the Home Depot on my way, and got a small tub of spackle-stuff, a scraper, a mini roller, a mini paint tub, and a mini can of white paint. I figured while I was at it I might as well make things a little better for the management, since I bear them absolutely no ill-will. There were some legacy gouges (cabinets falling, installation of shower curtain rod), a few nail holes, and a few scuff marks on the walls.

V-the-lady-downstairs-with-girlfriend-problems (hereafter referred to as V2, even though it's not the same name as our V) offered to help. I took her up on it, and we got the bomb shelter legacy desk downstairs with a minimum of pain and angst. (We scooted it upside-down down the stairs, since it was to be going for trash.) (And the gouges in the top actually are something that could be repaired with a bit of furniture wax, should someone see it and love it.) We got the coffee table down; it wouldn't fit in Vash, so I abandoned that idea. Some neighbors saw it, and liked it; we handed it over with great glee. Same set of neighbors saw the dresser we were bringing down; that just needs some sanding and some paint. I was happy that they were taking it, because this means someone's getting use out of it. I got one of the mattresses down by myself. The IKEA bed and its mattress are still in there, but it's greatly improved.

I hate to just say "fuck it" and leave the rest for the apartment complex staff to deal with, but ... at least there's not much now? I feel much more at peace now that the big clunkers are out of there. And it was enough for tonight.

Stopped in at the little place on the corner to let them know that I was moving, and they might not see much of me for quite some time. Referred the kid to $EMPLOYER; maybe that'll bear some fruit. He sounded interested. And omg, best orange chicken in the world. I miss the green onions in their recipe, though.

Got the fire extinguisher out of the car. That was the important part. Now, bed.