November 3rd, 2007

nanowrimo, nanowrimo 2007

tick tick tick

The One Ring is totally a terraforming device.
The actual changelog entry for the comment editing, which doesn't have the refinements that the gang hacking it out in suggestions wanted, but I can live with this.

1269: not yet up to where I should have been on Day 1. But I'm getting closer. I do not actually get to put on any of the shiny new perfume until I am caught up. (So THERE!)

1749. Lovie has started talking to me again, now that we have the past stuff summarized and she's on new ground again. I was not about to rewrite the perfectly good introductory scenes; those will be spliced in later. Also, I have a sandwich. And a large box of Harry and David espresso truffles, but those are not Breakfast. A sandwich is Breakfast.

If I catch up today, I will not have to repeat last year, where synecdochic stood over me with a whip trying to get me caught up on NaNo. That was undignified, although insanely productive.

2287. Lovie is starting to wreak havoc. Who knew that my experience in wrangling ADHD children and teens has any use in the real (fictional) world? When the programmers get restive, Lovie is having them go do laps around the building.

I have showered. Sandwich has been consumed. I am clothed. I think it's time for laundry. 2917.
nanowrimo, nanowrimo 2007

Whee, progress. (Halfway to today's goal.)


One of the dragongeeks is going to insist that the small farm of storage units in Mesa be painted black and called the Black Mesa Complex. *headdesk* Thank you, wibbble.

Laundry has been set up; hcolleen's is all dried and folded. One batch of mine is drying, the second is washing. 3,985; I'm planning on getting Somewhere today, because I know that workdays are generally bad for writing. synecdochic has commenced with whipcracking.

I'm tracking continuity, including things like cast of characters, in a separate document. I suppose I should add the usual crowd to the new document, given that this is where all the action is going to be.

My iTunes has been booted up, and I'm adding a lot of possible cuttable content to the novel. I just want to get to the good stuff, and that means getting the plot shuffling.

NaNo website has been running insanely slow. I don't think they have the infrastructure for how we're hitting it. :(


Black shirts pick up cat hair like crazy.
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nanowrimo, nanowrimo 2007

Burnout should feel more fabulous than this.

5911. This is how you do it, baby. I'm about 4,100 words from pretty pretty perfume. This is doable. hcolleen cooked biscuits. Our oven needs some maintenance, and I should probably retrieve my clothings from the dryer.

What do I do when Lovie shows signs of being a dragon fangirl? The Anne McCaffery thing is dangerous.

6557. At least she's no longer dwelling on books, although Melissa has a herd of childrens. I have a headache; I think now is a good time for a book break. Best friend not answering his cellphone (boo).

6725. Took a bit of a break, back now. I think I need lunch or something like that, even though I haven't really *done* anything all day. Besides the laundry, that is. But I don't want to move! I will probably have to, though. I have my iTunes on, and there's nothing in the kitchen that really appeals.

There is raspberry icy stuff, though, and that is solving the dizzyfaced-problems well enough that I might actually be able to think of something that I would like to eat.

Have had foods. The story is still sucking hardcore. I think I've run out of my writing genius for the day, and I'm dragging things far past number three. I think I'll try to keep on in any case, because I can always cut out stuff later. I feel like I'm not anywhere. I'm lost. And Darkside isn't answering the phone. :( 7475, a whole lot better than it was at the end of the day, but not half as productive as that one crazy day. I still feel lost.
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nanowrimo, nanowrimo 2007

Lovie's not cooperating well.

7775. She's into the suspicion stage.

9230. Dammit, I'm close. And I think trying one last time to call Darkside trumps any more active writing time I get. I think I got at least close enough for ... something. Close enough for pretty flowers.
nanowrimo, nanowrimo 2007

Hooray, a day.

10,075. *cheers* Just over 1/5 of the way there for the official NaNo. Darkside no answer. *pouts*

Even though today wasn't a 10k day (I'm about 1,200 shy of that) I'm still caught up and on track to do 100,000 this month, if I keep up during the rest of the week.

There is a lot of crap in what I wrote today. I know my own writing, and I know when I'm writing stuff that's good, and I know when I'm writing drek. This ... well, if one is to put it generously, it is filler and stuff to be expanded later, with a very few good scenes. But I'm caught up, and now that I'm caught up, I can get actually writing. Maybe when I get actually writing, Lovie will go private and confessional, not just public and blogging. is down right now. At least now it's saying it's down, and not just being down with no notice.