November 6th, 2007

running, bomb tech

happy, and *headdesk*

One of the small ways in which the right people amuse themselves in ways that are fun for the whole site.

Cox and SRP have been shuffled over to being under Ecchi-chan's capable management. Yay.

Today did not have all the sanity at work. Yesterday either.

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Ant-guy coming tomorrow.
Feet feeling happier.
Retrieving old landline number.
Myrrh cracked the whip and I worked on some boxes. That makes things in the living room far more livable. Some things have been shuffled; some things have been hung. Time for a microwave stand. Flour is baffling. (I need to make bread.) There are decorative candles all the hell over. I found the charger for Fruitz.

I still need to find some Mesa-time and just collapse. I have been tightly wound, and a tightly-wound Lunatic is not always love.

(I need to catch up on writing more, because I haven't had the brain-time.) Tomorrow.