November 9th, 2007

hinky, pure evil fuckery afoot


Robot moth! *eyes asloudasmyheart*

The 9 Manliest Names in the World

Indeed. So the slightly cracked tones of the wireless doorbell go off yesterday, and three heads pop out of three doors. Doorbell works. Collapse )

There was an IKEA run. Collapse )

First thing, I put on my brace. Second thing, I started pulling photos out of the old frames and putting them in the new photo clippy things I got. I'll have to get more.

There is only one photo of Shanna. Not many people following this LJ now will necessarily know what I mean, or who I mean. Shanna predates this LJ. See, back when I was a very small child... Collapse )

Shanna was rarely out at all, and almost never around Mama, and Mama took most of the photos of me in that time period. We'd agreed that she would be out for our driver's license photo, but in the rush of the moment there wasn't enough time to get her out before the photo happened. There's only one actual photo where she was actually there, looking the camera straight on with her cocky lopsided smile. I don't have the scanner up and running yet, but ...