November 12th, 2007

running, bomb tech


Must email Darkside with some of the crazy stories.

Networking is a very powerful thing. I have ambition for other people more than I do for myself.

NaNo: currently stalled as work is taking priority. THE TIME IS COMING SOON. Going back in to work2 tomorrow to see what can be made of the laptop.

I'm so design, not implementation. I get bored when I know what I'm doing too well. Management is going to be forever amused by the time I was completely engaged in my discussion with her, and I put together the little magnetic puzzle on her cupboard while talking with her. Evidently my train of thought is sometimes visible. (Also, I am not allowed to either drag the golf cart out of my parking spot or turn in a parking violation complaint about it, even though both would be funny. They do not make me giggle for more than fifteen seconds, though.)

I'm still coping with the loss of that cherished hope in my own way. This is turning into a tough part of it. Five months in and my inner spoiled princess teenager (nameless, a phase and not a face) is surly and bristling. I could close my eyes and turn inward and attempt to divert it all to serene contemplation, but I don't know how well that would go over, and serene contemplation is overrated. Tick tock.

The "I'm a geek and you're a peon" ranking dance is interesting when one is in fact not a peon. There is sniffing and display of machismo. I fully intend to score points by admitting that since I was tired, I could have typed the login wrong. (Login for $JOB# is $FLNAME and login for $JOB# is $LNAMEF, more or less, with enough variation to make it exciting, and enough similarity to make confusion not only possible, but probable.) But since $DUDE handed it over to Management hibernated and logged in, the odds are also high that it was not completely set up for me, especially given that he disappeared on vacation for a week immediately after.

(woops, I totally didn't post this on time.)