November 30th, 2007


OK, now that is irritating. - go and make sure your content settings are how you want them to be. The search is set by default to moderate, which is one of those things where it would have been very nice if there were a warning. If I were in charge of implementation, I might have left current users at no filtering, and then set new users by default to moderate or whatever. (I'm not in charge of implementation.)

In other news, I won't win NaNo, but the novel will be finished.
lightswitch rave, The Cheat, the system is down


The Beat That My Heart Skipped -- lovely wordplay, and while the video style is dizzying, it fits the song. Why yes, I have been reading fic and watching music on YouTube instead of writing, thank you for asking. Also, it is raining out there, and I am enjoying that to the fullest from inside.

Drafting up a suggestion at sithjawa's suggestion.

Title: Content filter settings by computer

Short Description: The ability to set content filter settings on a by-computer basis for a logged-in user, as well as by account.

Full Description: There are times and places when even people who are ordinarily all right with viewing explicit content with no warning would appreciate a warning. If someone visits LiveJournal from both home and work, they may wish to have different content viewing settings in each of these places. It would be a bother to go into the settings and modify them each time. It would be far better to be able to set a cookie on each computer that you have logged in at and specify an override to the general content viewing settings.

The new content rating system has the potential to be a powerful tool to help people who want to either avoid explicit content or at least have warning of it. People have historically created safe-for-work custom friends groups to view their friends page by, and asked people to use the <lj-cut> to conceal Not Safe For Work material, but those measures could be made less necessary.

Whether the general settings on the journal have been overridden or not could be indicated with a notice on the appropriate settings page, and an option to turn the override on or off, similar to the "BETA BETA BETA" test feature.

Advantages: More control (and LJ users love control)
Fewer people getting in trouble (with work/family/etc) for stuff that showed up on their friendspage in an inappropriate context
Might be useful to people who otherwise would have no use for the content filtering system
Might encourage people to use it appropriately when creating entries, knowing that people are coming to depend on it for work safety as well as SAVE OUR CHILDRENS reasons

Disadvantages: Would have to be set on each individual computer
Would have to be reset if cookies were cleared or expired
Harder to diagnose if something goes wrong
Might interfere with existing logged-out-user age cookies
People who don't like the system still won't use it, causing problems for people who depend on it
Might not be as easy to code as it seems
lonely, spock

I'll wear a smile and walk in the sun

I'm not sure how long it's been going on, but I've been having those not-entirely-happily-single pangs at the sight and thought of particular instances of happy couples being all happily-coupled. (Not to discriminate in my angst -- I'm sure triads and upwards as far as poly groups go would trigger it too, under the right circumstances.)

Relationship stuff is enough of a general issue, though, that I am immensely resistant to the idea of actually getting into one for quite some time in the future. I know that diving in headfirst would get me in so much of the bad kind of trouble. I need more time than this to straighten everything out in my own head. Some of it's going to be psych-time, which means sitting down in self-hypnosis mode and figuring out what the hell is going on and figuring out what the hell I have to do in order to fix it. Some of it is going to be just plain time.

I'm channeling all the angst into a playlist rather than anything more self-destructive. I don't go for emo music -- too depressing -- so even the most miserable items on the playlist are going to have some merit. Some of them are actually cheerful, imagine that.

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