December 10th, 2007


Questionable sanity!

The Druids won the War on Christmas

Today I got to share my tea. They were out in the breakroom, so one of the ladies on another team got to share my stash. Because we tea-drinkers must unite!

There's been a hole in my heart for the past six months. This feels so much better. Not of the same egg, but of the same flock always.

Came home to find that Her Nibs had tagged my room. That was not so pleasant. I think it was on the rugs under my computer chair; I dragged them out because Myrrh said she will get them in the wash (probably sooner than I would have). Her Nibs is to be containerized until she is no longer hot. Not sure when her appointment is going to be.

I went collapsey-boom around 5; I haven't been getting enough sleep. I was out cold until 7-ish, when my phone started humming urgently to itself. I'm not at my most coherent when I wake out of a sound sleep, so hcolleen got to hear me waking up and freaking out when nothing (including my brain) was working. I did get her Myrrh's number, at length.

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The concept that I present like adult ADD of some sort, and the concept that ADD may well be on the autistic spectrum, completely blows my mind. It doesn't change anything about me or who I am, but it gives me some hindsight about some of the social difficulties I had growing up. It might not have all been social isolation. It might have partly been just being wired differently from the vast majority of my classmates. I always have known that I thought differently, and it's sometimes been a rude shock that even when I think I'm acting normal, people around me see me as acting inexplicable and crazy, or at least inexplicable and very different. Collapse )