December 12th, 2007

teddyborg, geeky

Things that make me happy:

People listening to issues and planning changes because they make sense.
The people who had the issues interpreting this correctly as "there was an issue, and they listened and realized it could and should be better", and not "well, I made a lot of noise, so the next time something comes along that I don't like, I'm going to make a lot of noise until it's fixed", because noise was not the thing, it was the issue that was the thing. Although bringing it to the attention of the people who need to fix it is necessary, noise is not.
Knowing I can uninstall some things, eventually.
Knowing what a hosts file is and how to modify it.
bad words, offices are why


8:29 AM 12/12/2007
Boring meeting with boring manager Rob can be livened up by writing "Boo" on one side of your whiteboard and "Applause" on the other side, and holding it up at intervals. Just so the world knows this.

8:54 AM 12/12/2007
"When two black magicians fight in a room? The stuff that falls to the floor? That's DNS." -- my sup

9:21 AM 12/12/2007
Speaking of sup, HOT SOUP FOR ALL!