December 17th, 2007

running, bomb tech

All the coherent things I have to say are queued in email. -- ex-ex-gays apologize. -- Dad finds Guitar Hero III, then finds kid smoking pot, so sells the game on eBay. This is the morality play of the era -- don't get caught misbehaving, or something's going to get sold on eBay. -- hahahaha Naismith. (Only fellow followers of the Little Admiral are likely to get this one.)
"Since I'm tier 3, I had to give up my nerf gun. Apparently, it's unprofessional for tier 3 to have nerf gun fights, or such is the new policy. (Previously, it had been no nerf gun fights prior to 4 PM in tier 3.) My nerf gun was dutifully turned over to friends in tier 1." -- onyxrising learns the disadvantages of moving up through the ranks in tech support -- world war Z fanfic. THIS IS PURE LOVE.

I am a bad girl on Google. I am finding co-workers online by Googling the party. I'm actually looking for the guy with the cameraphone, but I'm finding random other people.