December 23rd, 2007

wank me a river, Enki


8:17 PM 12/23/2007
[off-topic thread in team chat]

chick 2 [1:42 PM]:
She's smoking lingerie.
chick 2b[1:42 PM]:
haha lol
dude 3 [1:42 PM]:
whose lingerie is smoking??!!
Me [1:42 PM]:
$NAME is smoking lingerie.
chick 2 [1:42 PM]:
chick a [1:42 PM]:
as usual
dude 3 [1:43 PM]:
uhhhhh, the distinction of which $NAME might be important here!!!!
[he has the same name]

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Thank you to lady_angelina and dawna (and chasethestars, hee) for the pretty pretty profile decorations! I am be-rosed, be-cookied, and be-Blinkied!

Today was the day where we gave my supervisor at work1 his Christmas gift. I saw a jar of Atomic Fireballs while shopping, and thought of him. So into a gift bag it went, with a lot of blue paper. (It was what I had on hand.) And since these things are supposed to be a team gesture, I brought the rest of the team in on it.

It is a fun fact that if you take a dude-logo that is associated with the company and add an orange beard to it, it looks a whole lot like our supervisor. I was short on Real Christmas Card, but I wound up with some paper and took a few moments to craft something very very silly. We passed the card around the whole team, taking care not to let him know what we were up to.

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Assorted items were obtained and stuffed in the top of the gift bag. I marched over and presented our supervisor with the card and gift bag.

Me [2:22 PM]: oh man that was great.
hcolleen [2:22 PM]: hmm?
Me [2:22 PM]: we put a bunch of random trash in the top of the gift bag. and sang at him.
"We found some things for you, it's not much..."
so he starts pulling stuff out. an empty mountain dew bottle ("It works both ways! You can hold it this way AND this way!")
some of those little training sheets ("Oh! A $TRAINING_ITEM! I needed one of those!" "Oh, a $TRAINING_ITEM_2! ... I'll be quizzing you on that.")
a mostly empty pack of gum (he made some crack here)
the tissue paper ("I can have a blue Christmas!" ) (and more tissue paper)
and finally he pulls out the fireballs, and then he's actually happy.
but he knew we were plotting something.
so then [w neighbor] comes up and dumps his empty container of fries [burger king] in the bag
"hey man, I got you a fry pod. so you can listen to the fries." (horrible pun!)