December 29th, 2007

yule, gingerbread motherboard

Diverse amusements, and things that should never exist! -- now has stuff online. -- a hilarious description of what happens when RPS and referral logs mix badly.
On the Proper Appreciation and Manipulation of Pricks, by Fleur Delacour, Tri-Wizard Champion -- Hilarious and hot. Has some very quotable lines. Collapse )
Echoes -- Snape/Harry, post-Epilogue, with bonus perfumegeeking and insane household items. (Imagine BPAL with the same magical capabilities!)
There are some very fine Young Wizards fics this Yultide. "Miracles" is of special note.
Sometimes people who go to Antarctica get shipped back because they got drunk and brawled.
Dirty Laundry and the Airing Thereof -- an unreliable narrator is love. Five unreliable narrators are even more so. Marauder-era.

Fun fact: OpenID journals can't join communities on LJ (or LJ clones, unless they've changed this themselves). Discovered this attempting to enter an asylum on InsaneJournal, at which point they told me that I was an asylum, not a Lunatic. OpenID journals also don't get to have LJ-specific tags in their bio area on the profile.

I've been trying to clear out my tags some, given that I'm over 1k and can't create any more. This is leading to me discovering ... strange things in my old entries.

From a long-ago chat, with someone who will not be named unless they'd really like the credit blame notoriety ... Collapse )
yule, gingerbread motherboard

I had a happy weekend. You?

Little game I'm playing right now: efw: dinner of doom.

I did just about nothing this weekend, and that makes me happy. I mean, the computer is in the next stage of things: it POSTs and wants to boot from the CD drive, which is about right for it at this point in time! I have the UPS plugged in, and I found the outlet to plug it into. I have my happy bouncy ball inflated, although I may still have to find rug for under it. I now have three computers that I can sit down in front of, which is a little excessive, perhaps, but only two of them are technically mine.

There is laundry all over my floor. It is glorious.

I have done my duty as a good volunteer, and steered a hopeful in a good direction to start up. The SHs can take it from there.

I have endured one of the most repellant cold remedies ever. I don't know what's causing it, but I have a clogged-up throat. I craved hot and spicy orange chicken to burn it clean. No such thing was forthcoming, so, with some inspiration from hcolleen, I marched into the kitchen, broke out a shotglass, and shook perhaps a teaspoon or two's worth of Tabasco sauce into it, and took it like a shot. ICK. But it did what it was supposed to, and I was able to swallow for a few hours. I don't want to have to do it again, but it's been established that it works.

Mostly, I just hung about the apartment, read, and loafed. I did get some suggestions tagged, yay, and I monitored the action on that one post, which, yeah, that was a full-time job for a couple hours there. But I prefer to think that I'm just being lazy, because I deserve that.