January 5th, 2008

running, bomb tech

(left a lot of people upset)

They Say of the Acropolis... -- if you haven't seen this, you really should. Ahh, improv.

My childhood speech impediment included difficulty saying the letter 'L' in some cases. I loathe listening to certain recordings of myself, because I really sound stupid. It never really did go away (I flatly refused speech therapy). But now that I'm an adult, every now and then people on the phones will ask me if I'm from Europe. I don't know what flavour of English accent Scroobius Pip has, but I hear the same shape to the letter when he says it.
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pretty, Francine

Updated Cast of Characters.

In the Apartment


hcolleen, aka Ecchi-chan, or The Redhead: Moved in with me July 4th 2006, as I reckon it. One of my lady writers, and the 2nd in command of the writing group, because she is a good power behind the throne. She wandered into writers group one day, then when her roommate situation was dissolving, I offered my living room floor as crash space. A year and a half later, we're still roommates, albeit in a new apartment. Loves anime, writes male/male erotica. Builds computers for fun. Works with me, but no longer on the same shift.

myrrhianna: Met at the 2006 National Novel-Writing Month kickoff, and assimilated into our writers group. Also loves anime, LOVES Gackt. If the packets are flowing, her work is complete, and no, she will NOT upgrade your circuit on your lame-assed say-so. Currently working as an administrative assistant, probably going back into tech soon. Moved in with hcolleen and me in the Great Move of October/November 2007. She brought her cats:

Nibiki(-chan): Cat. Tabby. Small. Female. Currently a full queen, although that's to change sometime in her future. Named for the Ranma 1/2 character, and is about as friendly: psychotic, looks sweet and innocent and "helps" with things, actually is vicious, spiteful, and deadly. But she's so cute!! (Don't pick her up. I did. I don't recommend this.)

Ryoga(-kun): Cat. Tabby. ENORMOUS. Male, neutered. When his balls went away, so did much of his motivation. Now he is motivated to hide from things that might eat him, and to eat anything that's small and still enough for him to sink his fangs into. And steal the bed. He's very good at that. (You probably can't pick him up safely, so don't try that either.)

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