January 8th, 2008

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do. not. want. (from work1)

6:04 AM 1/8/2008
Misheard yesterday: someone said "a can of whup-ass." I of course heard "a can of whipped [indistinct]", so I spent a few baffled moments trying to connect the general concepts "whipped FOO" and the "ass" from "whup-ass". In general, "a can of whipped ass" (spray-can foam) ... do not want?
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http://nielsenhayden.com/makinglight/archives/009804.html -- political screenshot. Non-partisan, universal for everywhere that "Congressman" means "political creature" and Google ads exist.
http://community.livejournal.com/metaquotes/828511.html (some things were not made to be spell-checked.)

Got my supervisor hardcore with that shaggy dog story.

No progress yet on the dripping light fixture. No bukkit. hcolleen did re-arrange her room, though.

I have roses. They were cheap and easy. I think I will buy myself flowers from time to time, because it makes me happy. And speaking of happy, and the need to be same, my blood pressure is problematic. (I'm enough in tune with my body so that once it was suggested, I can tell that yeah, it's up over what it should be.) I will work on that. Once it gets back down into the sane zone, I may have to start giving plasma again for my health.

Reminder to self: reserve Friday night! Glad my mind was not the only one thinking along the same tracks. Hooray for the season of zomgcrazy slowing down. Though work is about to pick up. Whee!

Called Dawn tonight. Shared story. Shared story of Mr. Img Src and his relative addressing. *pain* !hooray refugees. :( Poor Dawn. She had a crazy-evil customer from frickin' Hades, some rude bird with problems. Oh, and I must tell Darkside and/or his mom that the newsletter-thing arrived, just got stacked elsewhere. (Which makes me irrationally pouty, because I suppose Darkside didn't dig up my address or anything. In any case, note 'irrationally' and play it from there.)

I am one screw closer to hanging my curtains. There is a total of 12 screws to be screwed. All in high high places. Speaking of screwed...