January 13th, 2008

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7:08 AM 1/13/2008
I have no right to be held, but I want it all the same.

7:25 AM 1/13/2008
I could shake my tiny fists. This feeling of well-being and NRE is an illusion crafted by my hopeful brain.

2:37 PM 1/13/2008
*snerk* Devices. Podcast. Hilarity.
bleeding, Ryoko

(and I guess I never will)

Hip to be square!

Today at work was a day at work. My last call was hilariously delightful; it was a woman on the other end of the line, and we bonded over technical difficulties and what we-at-CTY might have termed "technicalities" had we been thinking in terms so advanced. (As opposed to "details", which are not in the least artificial.) I came home to hysterical scrollback, which is now in the qdb for thems who knows how to ask Anna for where it is. ;)

Update on the light that Ceiling Cat peed in: still wet. (!) Update on the dryer that myrrhianna was trying to dry her clothes in: too dry. (As in, there was an evil plastic-melty smell, so she pulled the plug.)

I've been making good headway in reading the RPG-of-choice. ♥ Which leads me to one of my shower-insights: I am really not the person to ask about relationship things, not unless I'm in serious Priestess-mode, because I am a romantic at heart, and will sweetly and wholeheartedly hope for a couple to work out well after they've both decided that things are really going to hell in a handbasket and they'd best part ways. I won't push them, but I will sweetly hope for them.

This is in direct contrast to my own romantic outlook when things have gone bad. Collapse )
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