January 14th, 2008

bad words, offices are why

sing a song of WTF.

6:03 AM 1/14/2008
Four hours has undone four months.

What's the use of going on about why? I'd certainly love to deconstruct it, but I'm sore again and don't think I could bear it.

6:32 AM 1/14/2008
Sorry, folks. This has become the griping bitch channel. I'm never pleasant when crossed in love.

In other news, why do conversations like this happen?
Tech: Are you logged in to your account?
Customer: Yes.
Tech: Great, [go do something you have to be logged into your account for].
Customer: Do I have to have my password for that? That's why I was calling. I can't remember it.


7:27 AM 1/14/2008
Related: I HATE it when advertisements say "log on to $WEBSITE" when it is a mere visit and no actual login information (other than the public web viewer account inside the web server) is required.

8:14 AM 1/14/2008
W Neighbor is singing a little song about Outlook.

Fun habits of mine that you have to spend face-time with me to notice: I sing, from time to time. Unfortunately, I have a voice made for ballads, country, or opera. Anything I try to sing devolves into at least one of the above. This works fine when what I am singing is one of the above. It does not work half so well for growly snarly rock songs.


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  • 23:16 @popefelix sorry, not me. #
  • 23:17 I am wearing my very pink nightgown, wondering if I should plug in my phone or just go to bed. I will spend more time awake if I wonder. #
  • 23:24 Hooray for Twitter serial-adding political sockpuppets. #
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