January 21st, 2008

tech support, stupid

Day 1 at new call center

... went all right. (Same job, different location. Closer to home.)

Didn't get much chance to meet new team: we had zomg calls. Long chat with floor lead about my plans.
bad words, offices are why

So a screaming ranting tantrum on the phones is a normal thing...

Last night was not happy. My digestive system was upset by something or other, most likely salsa con queso with nice hot peppers. TMI followed, much to my absolute dismay and annoyance. Once that was over, though, I was able to go to bed and sleep soundly. I woke up feeling OK, even though work was surreal.

Second workplace location for Work1 is all confusing. It is on a second floor, and the floor jiggles when people stomp. It's unnerving. We have booths instead of cubes, and there are no drawers. I have been making myself at home in my booth, much to the amusement of my immediate neighbor. (She borrows my pens.)

I've been feeling foggy and out-of-it. I have had some fun wtf calls, and I really need to work on getting these people scraped the hell off my phone.

My holiday was peaceful, relatively. I didn't get too much angst. One of the wtf calls was angst, but I think that was mostly low blood sugar. I'd not realized how much of an impact that has on me, because I've been so very on top of grabbing something phone- and floor-safe to nibble if I get the warning signs.

The bathroom situation is markedly better here than there. There is ONE bathroom in $LOCATION1. (Well, one for male and one for female.) There are two for each here. They're smaller, but only one gets cleaned at a time. Unlike $LOCATION1, where the only one got cleaned and discombobulated the affected gender for that twenty minutes. (I'm going to keep up my quiet but determined lobbying for a gender-neutral accessible bathroom in that location, although I don't think it would be likely to happen for logistical reasons involving plumbing; there'd be nowhere to put it that would work well with the plumbing layout as I can see it in my head.)

Tuesday marks the start of the overlap at work between myself and a certain red cube badge guy at $LOCATION1. I am suspicious of my motivations, because while I am an absolute gigglemonster in his presence, not-in-his-presence I am relatively sane (by Lunatic standards). Or, rather, removed from his presence at a sufficient distance. This bears monitoring.