January 27th, 2008

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Another peaceful weekend!

Called Darkside, left a message. When he reached a burnout point in studying, he called back, and we chatted for a while. I told him about some of the shakeups at both workplaces. He invited me to drop by. (Turns out he loathes ginger ale. Next time, I'll play it safe with Dr. Pepper.) He'd been watching the Dragonlance animated movie; we wound up watching Ghost Rider. (Amusing note: turns out Nicholas Cage's tattoo of Ghost Rider had to be removed in post-production for the role. Darkside mentions that sometimes it's weird to think of actors as fanboys.)

(My laptop needs to be taken in to the shop. "For fan service?" Darkside asked. *headdesk*)

The Mythbusters playing James Bond games are hilarious.

I was working on a little frilly bit of crocheting. I still don't know what it's going to be.

I'm still feeling the echoes of what can't be, upon my lips and hands. There's no hope to serve as an anchor now, so it's free-floating. It can be damped down more that way, but there's less control. It's faded to something not excruciating. I will always have a very good friend.
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http://www.instructables.com/id/Dread-Crocheted-Cthulhu/ Aww!!

My sleep was insane, so I took the day as mental health. There was some small amount of tidying done, and we made a long-awaited IKEA run for a TV stand. That wore me out rather more than I was anticipating, so I wasn't much use getting everything loaded up. (Oh, and I owe Myrrh, because I left my purse in the car.) There were massive amounts of rain!

We determined that we were doing dinner. (The House of Spink was doing homework, so they couldn't join us this time.) We'd been planning on hitting a particular TGI Friday's, but it turned out that it was closed up (the signs had been peeled off the building). So we went to the neighboring Outback instead.

All there was well except for the sundae. We'd been planning on sharing it between the three of us. However, since their menu hadn't mentioned the strawberries, hcolleen couldn't have any. The waiter did offer to bring out a separate, strawberry-free, dish, but hcolleen declined on her stomach's behalf, on the grounds of zomg lots of ribs nom nom nom. I did have a word with the manager on the topic of the printing of the menu, because it wouldn't have just been us who would need to know something like that. Manager was surprised. Manager was also standing a little too close. Please, dear short woman, just because you are short, it does not mean you have to stand that much closer to make up for it. I see you better when you're further away. Honestly. And I don't know you, and that's well inside my personal space.

When I went in to report the leak, the lady had no idea whether this was something they handle themselves, or whether it's something that they have to call in a roofing crew for. Given that last time, they had to call in a roofing crew, and this time, the light isn't filling up with water, I'm not stressing too much. But then, it's not my bed.

OpenID accounts should not be prompted to post an entry, since they can't. (This, re: the getting started box I have after adding a friend as an OpenID user with only 1 friend.)
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http://isiscolo.livejournal.com/419383.html -- interesting discussion on the topic of names.

I don't have so many names now as I used to have.

Before anything else, I was Joanie. I still answer to that first, but not everybody's allowed to call me that.
I'm Joan Laurel $LASTNAME, and it took me a while before I remembered all of it.
Joan is for school and business, and people I know face-to-face who don't rate calling me Joanie or shouldn't call me Azz, or for people who have to address me more formally for reasons of their own.
Joanie Laurel is the "first" and "last" name I use on the internet, when I'm not Azure Lunatic.
Miss or Ms. $LASTNAME is for people who don't actually know me. Rev. $LASTNAME is for people who don't actually know me, but I know a little too much about them because it just downloaded itself into my brain and I need to get it out. It's the ULC kind of Reverend, with a little too much psychic-type insight fueling it. I'm good at seeing how it is, not knowing what needs to be changed to put it like it should be.
Mrs. $LASTNAME is my mother. If you're calling me that, you're probably trying to sell me something.
azurelunatic is for all things online, and for people who know me from online.
Azz is me. I will answer to that face-to-face. I prefer it in some cases.
Azure is not quite me, and I have to think twice before answering to it, even online. It feels uncomfortable in the same way that Joan did before I got used to it.
AL is Paul Simon. (I started going by Azz in chat, because when I went by my full name, azurelunatic, people who were not Betty would call me Al. And that was disconcerting.)
Az is not quite me either -- there's just something about growing up where there are two people who could be abbreviated to Az (Azure and Azalais) that makes one want to differentiate. So I am Azz, and ataniell93 is Az.
Loony/Loonie is me, very much me. hcolleen calls me that. Sometimes she remembers to call me Joanie in front of people who don't know that I answer to Lunatic, but sometimes she doesn't.
I'm likely to call myself Lunatic. "Hey, Lunatic, remember to ____." When I'm narrating myself in my head, I'm Miss Lunatic, or the Lunatic: "Hi, this is the Lunatic. Call me back, 'k?" I also call myself 'Ni. (That one came about when my ex, may he rest in peace1, wouldn't call me Joanie. After the relationship dissolved, I kept the nickname, though I may have a harder time answering to it when people not in my head call me it.)
Rev. Lunatic is that ULC-ordained side of me, online.
Rev. Miss Lunatic is what happens when my IRC connection drops and I connect again before I've pung out.

There are lots of names I used to be. These are ones that I still am.

1 I don't actually know if he's dead, but he's got about that much role in my life, and if I thought he were alive I'd speak ill of him.
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Daily randomness of Miss Lunatic

  • 05:34 Disrupted sleep schedule is disrupted. (translation: called out from work. alas.) #
  • 12:43 I think I am going to clean my room. The roommates and I are watching house porn (HGTV). #
  • 12:58 IKEA run later. I think this month's project may be the entertainment center. For lo, it must be upgraded before the actual entertainment. #
  • 13:33 Going to the motherfucking office, because the motherfucking roof is leaking on Ecchi-chan's bed again. #
  • 14:37 Plotting for IKEA run. @stevieg, the household is probably doing dinner; y'all are welcome to coordinate with us. #
  • 14:42 @stevieg Checked with H, they were thinking TGI Friday's or Applebee's. #
  • 22:13 @burr86 Dang, that sucks. How does a brewery manage to do that? #
  • 22:20 Procrastinating bedtime. I have 25 minutes in which I can safely do that. #
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