February 5th, 2008


Belated links of the day

*snerk* I hadn't been aware of this commercial until apocalypsos pointed it out: For the articles!

OLPC kids repairing their own laptops! -- Article's heartwarming; some of the comments make me want to punch people.

http://www.spoonfedart.com/gallery/gallery.html -- some of these are gorgeous. I particularly like "Violet". And "Mirabelle". "Cast the Spell" is breathtaking. "Both of Me" is lovely. (I'm a blue girl at heart.)

This is also breathtaking, but is NSFW, entirely. Unless your workplace likes little metal sculptured beads? With wings?
huggy rock, fluorite


myrrhianna has been under a lot of stress lately, between her schedule, her goddamn workplace (selected people from which are on my punch-in-the-face list), the resulting crazy school schedule, and everything. This weekend she was suffering from panic attacks. Tonight they got to the point where she decided that the best choice was to go to the hospital. She will be fine; she's looking to find a way to get the panic attacks under control. I will be calling her father in the morning.

I don't know what her internet access capabilities will be while she's in there, but please do keep her in your thoughts.
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So, yeah, not a horribly productive day, unless you count volunteering.

Phrase coined by someone behind a lock, claim it if you want credit: "neurotransmitter hell".

Today was a suggestions day, so it was just as well that I was at home. I zombied my way through tracking and then tagging everything, including a horribly embarrassing moment when I tagged an entry perfectly from memory of what the entry said ... on the wrong entry! It was only up about 30 seconds before I realized and took that down. There are some interesting things in today's entries.

Called myrrhianna's dad, left a message.

Belatedly got some clothes and books and stuff to myrrhianna. She's not able to use her cellphone in there, and won't have internet access, but I sent love from y'all, and maybe tomorrow I'll be able to get there inside of visiting hours.

V sends great big hugs to the writers.

I am dreadfully discouraged by my own lack of initiative re: work2.

Oh, from Savage Love -- fisting-induced fibromyalgia. Collapse )