February 16th, 2008

FishOverIP.net, trout

Saturday links, and some commentary, plus more fish.

http://www.thetalk2me.com/ -- the next generation of "toys" is here! :D

whatwasthatbook is made out of awesome. I probably won't go to the trouble of hunting it down, now that I've read a synopsis, but it's good to know what the book haunting some of my bookstore and library searches actually was. (And I'm hoping to have found this one -- the coin is what made my brain take notice.)

Avoid falling moose.

Okay. So I have a trout, and squid pie. What other sorts of fish need to be transmitted on FishOverIP.net? (I have a plug for the site up in my booth at work, and the site has been making its way around the workplace somewhat virally. I showed it to one of the red cube badge guys (one of the local ones, after assuring him that it was SFW) and now it's probably going to make its way through the red cube badge guy network. One of my friends not on my team trouted one of my teammates, so my teammate already recognized it when I mentioned it to him...) Really, the site could continue to be as simple as it is (although a listing of all the different pages on the homepage would be good) or, if I get inspired, I could start having some database fun and playing with scripting languages.

Brains. (Because nothing says love like Hellsing and Voltaire.)

Hung out with Darkside as per usual today, after a longer-than-usual delay between time-of-plotting and actual departure (which involved laundry and sidetracking). Today's visual toxins (kidding, yo, kidding) included two episodes of Mythbusters, the first four "missions" (episodes) of the Devil May Cry anime (well, he might!), a lot of giggling, some failed attempts to get Darkside's PS2 to boot the game (he kept running back in to try again), Darkside locking me out of his bedroom as he shuffled through his video drawers (*snerk* -- and this was what prompted the earlier "brat" posting), and then some happy Record of Lodoss War time (in which I cheerfully 'shipped Parn/Kashue). I came home early, with a headache. I found that some goddamn white Escalade was in my fucking parking spot. For the record, the towing company needs a copy of the lease in order to tow. I dug that up, but in the ten minutes I was doing so, the SUV departed. (There were plenty of unoccupied spots. I was cranky on account of it's my spot and you don't do that, not actual need of the spot.) There was pizza (last night there was a pizza collision, on account of myrrhianna and me having the same thought and getting the same thing) and comedy.

My headache and I are doing to bed, but not before I announce one new awesome-cool thing: there's been something that I've been sitting on for the past few months. Since I work for a company in the registrar business, these things are sort of near and dear to me. There's a particular volunteer domain that's been near and dear to a lot of volunteers' hearts, with great sentimental value. When the esteemed previous holders of the domain left as volunteers, they let the domain lapse. I'd had a cunning plan, but, being superstitious about this sort of thing, I hadn't really talked about it, even when it was making me nearly explosive to avoid talking about it, especially when I got the notification a few hours before Valentine's Day hit that the system was preparing for capture (and I was jittering all the day wanting to know if it had managed to catch it, because that would have been awesome wonderful to march into IRC with on the Day of Assorted Love). Instead, I got the notification today.

Ladies and gentlemen, goats and bots, cats and kittens -- zhzh.org is back under volunteer control. :D
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