February 23rd, 2008

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If, when, why, what; how much have you got?

In a timeframe of "it's about damn time", I have my new computer up and running. His name is Madman. I'm transferring stuff from Thalia; I'm not fool enough to try and do it manually, so I'm having her export it over the network. There's rather a lot of stuff in there. I'm impressed. It will probably take a good portion of the night. Meanwhile, Madman is running merrily, with Google Desktop not straining the system, not even with Firefox involved.

Last night was not a good night for sleep. I'll do better today.

I'll need a new monitor; this one is all right for some internetting, but the bottom left corner of it has distorted colors.

myrrhianna pointed out to me that I could just get a USB wireless doodad instead of getting an internal wireless NIC; I've got some of those already. So yay.

I'm having that new and shiny feel to the system right now. It's all so very glamourous. I'm getting used to system setup. I know how I like things, and I'm getting the essential things in. Couldn't do this with floppies.
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Focus? What's that?

When bad things happen to fraudulent dicksmacks! (say goodbye to Enzyte)

It was the sort of day where I didn't get enough sleep to start with because I didn't go to bed early enough, then I woke up earlier than I should have on a weekend, and then I got woken up by a dropped call on the phone -- twice -- so I told Darkside that on sanity grounds, I was staying the hell home. It's not that I was opposed to spending time with him, it's that I was opposed to the idea of going out of the apartment at all.

For those of y'all who are going through some intense stuff right now -- be well, be safe, and don't be afraid to take appropriate steps.

The transition to Madman is going well. I still need to track down one of my USB wireless adapters, and I need to finish putting all the programs that I need in here actually in here, and then I need to clean up Thalia so she can be toted around a little more easily, but I have iTunes installed and the old library stuffed in the right place, and whoever ported Bejeweled over to the Google Desktop widget bar is a crack dealer, and there is no more Plasma Pong because of copyright issues (but some websites have a copy saved anyway).

And. Uh. How was your day?
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Daily randomness of Miss Lunatic

  • 01:54 I'm just overflowing with the giggles tonight. :D <3 And best of luck. #
  • 07:42 @tangowildheart Hahahaha. Nope, shiny new Frankenbox! MINE ALL MINE!! ...though I made the roommates and the best friend login IDs. #
  • 08:35 Installed twitter client in Google desktop widgetbar. Also Bejeweled. Send help. #
  • 09:43 Due to waking up at some gawdawful hour, Miss Lunatic will now take a nap. #
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