April 23rd, 2008


Breaking what's fixed

Yes, that post was alarmingly passive-aggressive, and I'm sorry about that. I figured it was safest to blow up like that than the other way, which would have been bad.

But, my dear friends, the next time you see an idealist getting mad/upset/hurt that this broken world we live in is broken? Please think before you scold them for believing that the world should be a better place than that. Odds are that they already know that the world sucks, and pointing out that the thing that they're mad about is hardly unique is just rubbing it in. It's really the opposite of helpful.

I'm not trying to ignore the big ways the world sucks when I point out the little ways. When I blow off steam about the world sucking, I don't intend that you should get outraged about the thing I'm outraged about, unless I specifically say that I think everyone should be outraged. If you're not outraged already, don't bother. My reactions aren't yours, and I probably already knew that.