April 29th, 2008

running, bomb tech

plotting and amusement

For the elucidation of my roommates: Dogs in Elk

Current plans: fly to SF around the 30th, spend the rest of the 30th and all of the 31st in SF, get to Vegas on the 1st, spend all of the 2nd in Vegas, check out on the 3rd, road trip back on the 3rd, have the 4th for whatever in Phoenix, Lacey leaves on the 5th.
running, bomb tech

Daily randomness of Miss Lunatic

  • 08:08 omfg my sleep schedule is messed up. It is bedtime. I just woke up. Clearly this is not good for a workday. I sense a nap in my future. #
  • 10:13 There are now five of you with the default Twitter pic. This is confusing. #
  • 10:23 Bizarre moments from work from the past several weeks: acid-free almonds! (apropos of some of the tripped-out customer emails.) #
  • 13:03 @llbbooks you there? ZOMG PLOTTING #
  • 14:01 OK! Aunt has been emailed. Contemplating taking an extra 2 days for the family thing, even, maybe. Will check with work. I have the time. #
  • 19:11 Dear Congressman Shadegg: your "telephone town hall" is my unwanted automated call, to my cellphone, while I'm asleep. DO NOT WANT. #
  • 19:29 Oh gods. My Nemesis a) is going to be at a social event at which I will be, and b) uses inappropriate reply-all. Rethinking event. #
  • 20:06 @tangowildheart see, if Twitter were Facebook, one of them *could* smack you with something. #
  • 20:06 Which leads me to imagine that a Twitter pillowfight would be an altogether obnoxious meme for observers, but hilarious for participants. #
  • 20:11 @llbbooks *lobs a hot pink and very fluffy pillow at you* #
  • 20:12 @tangowildheart *counters with a navy blue body pillow, wielded like a bat* #
  • 20:22 @llbooks I have 2 pillows like that. One is fuzzy and one is not. #
  • 20:33 bad spam offers to "upsize [my] sex pen1s today" ... yes, because I would have separate ones for sex vs. other were I male. Detachable, see. #
  • 20:35 @gameboyguy13 Hooray for lemons! Are the flowers pretty too? #
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