May 5th, 2008

running, bomb tech

little bits of things.

I was making an Ultimate Dschingis Khan Playlist on YouTube. I need to finish that after the reboot, because I was making it for hotarunokokoro (did I spell that right? nope! Almost though!)

Flight to Vegas has been booked. Hotel has been booked. Now to arrange the flight to SF; must coordinate with aunt. Other aunt emailed. Hm, maybe fly in to hang with her first, then drive up to SF?

I will walk through an unlit hallway with switches at both ends, and then, after I have traversed the dark (short) hallway, turn on the light. This can't be normal.
running, bomb tech

Cheesemongering, shopping, and why hcolleen has made off with a tube of cordial chocolates!

Feedback given to Google: "I searched for 'Dr. Narton', and I got recommended 'Dr. Norton', and unwanted results for 'Dr. Norton'. 'Dr. Narton' is a humorous way to unintentionally destroy one's computer. 'Dr. Norton' is a far less funny way to do the same thing, but less effectively. ;) "

hcolleen is cheesemongering. When our old work teammate drunk-ordered several pounds of cheese curd, hcolleen made a note of the site. She then ordered more cheese from it. Today, she forwarded me an offer of theirs. I have been known to buy large quantities of none-too-expensive store cheese, leave it (sealed) in the refrigerator, and cheerfully declare that I am sharpening it! Their offer? Wax-and-plastic sealed hunks of what's already 4-years-aged sharp cheddar, with a directive that if one wants, one may certainly leave it unmolested in one's refrigerator, for extra sharpening. Oh, and it's half-off.

I have new glasses. They are comfortable, and haven't driven me nuts yet. The darkening-in-the-face-of-light feature is useful!

After picking up my glasses, I went running around all over. There was a book I was getting, and I got it, and a few of its friends (and the new Bujold). Then I realized that really, I needed an under-chair-pad badly, so I stopped in at Staples, which I'd been meaning to do. Then I got more tea at Cost Plus World Market, plus a scary amount of chocolate. Then I got supper. I made an exception to my informal rule that my music should not be audible until reasonably close to the car when "Losing My Religion" came on the radio. AMPLIFIED MANDOLIN, FRIENDS. I do have to focus to hold my voice in the same octave as Michael Stipe. I can, however, without strain, and I can project reasonably while doing so.

Today begins the nominations for the LJ Advisory Board. More on that coming later. Short version: I was intending to run, then changed my mind.
running, bomb tech

Daily randomness of Miss Lunatic

  • 03:12 Why am I procrastinating by organizing my image files when I really need to reboot Madman instead? Also, headache. Think I need breakfast. #
  • 04:44 Split pea soup in the crockpot, in peas + water + hambone stage. (Wasn't there a ham/bone cluster? was @idonotlikepeas ever on it?) #
  • 05:06 bleaching bathroom rugs. White is such an impractical color. May get red hair dye stains out, may not, but will be less grey-blue ick!! #
  • 05:13 Re-reading the qdb, which I do for fun. Ignoring the mess on my desk and my prescription-strength chocolate. Need to get breakfast soon. #
  • 05:31 The bathtub with the bleach-water and the rugs = draining. Next up, rinsing. Wearing far more practical clothing, but still black. #
  • 06:59 @tangowildheart is an evil enabler. Related: #
  • 07:00 I think I had best give up on getting anything productive done today because of housecleaning. I am not in a creative mood. #
  • 07:00 Blackberries and whipped cream make an excellent breakfast. I am on another fresh fruit kick, though those were frozen. <3 blackberries. #
  • 07:03 @semanticist Bad phrasing. Productive but destructive, but not productive and creative, which was what I wanted. #
  • 07:03 @semanticist and yes, I am aware that I'm discussing semantics with you. :D #
  • 07:09 @semanticist It does do that, but I'm more focused on destroying the mess. Happily this lends itself well to throwing junk out. #
  • 07:35 @semanticist That's the peril of letting others use your poor machines! #
  • 07:56 I do not need 3 containers of dental floss next to my computer. Even if 2 are almost empty. (Cleaning desk = surprises!) #
  • 09:28 @coffeechica I hope your computer-day gets a lot better. (omitting bad pun as you cannot kick me on Twitter) #
  • 11:10 @ikealiving, my darling, screwdriver should not be used as miniature prybar. Love, Azz. #
  • 13:42 If any one needs a tongue-twister gone profane by accident: "rugged red rubber baby bucket bugger." #
  • 13:55 There is lemon in Venice. I tell this to hColleen. She giggles at me, and then I realize what I have said, to whom. (Yaoiland lemon = porn.) #
  • 19:13 I have a bright-new under-computer-chair plastic mat. This is made out of both love, win, and vinyl. This is made out of three things: love, #
  • 19:15 @afuna On-screen keyboard? That is what I did when I was using my then-GF's ex's broken laptop. Or copy/paste. But that is ugly-ow. #
  • 21:07 @gamegoyguy13 Glad you're feeling better. Bet you're glad you're not in Arizona, as it is hotter than fuck already. #
  • 21:37 @gills9965 Oh dear, that one got through? Sadly, it is a common typo, keys right next to each other & c... #
  • 21:38 @coffeechica NOW do you like my hat? #
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