May 23rd, 2008

phone, cordless phone

Mr. Out's Driving, continuing saga of

So at breakfast today, Mr. Out mentioned that someone whose car he drives got a ticket from a traffic camera. He was grousing about how the owner of the car had, instead of stating that it wasn't them and sending in ID to prove it and not saying who it was, gave away his identity, so now Mr. Out is going to get the ticket.

I pointed out that this is probably karma.

"WHAT!?!" Mr. Out said, outraged. "How--! Why--! I don't--!"
"From what you've said about your driving," I said.
"I never--! What!!"
"You know, the cellphone thing", I smirked, gesturing.
"And you were all 'I'm on the PHONE!' ", our supervisor chimed in, shaking an imaginary cellphone at other drivers.
"How did you hear about that!!" Mr. Out demanded.
"You told us," about four of us chorus. "Over breakfast the other week."

At this point, Mr. Out attempted to justify his driving. This was not particularly successful. He kept using worse and worse examples, including the number of times he has been pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving, which has always been cellphone-related, sleep-related, and/or steering-with-his-knees related. After about the third iteration, I started to mime tossing dirt out of a pit with a shovel. One of the new ladyfolk, the one who was actually something like awake, started dying laughing even before that.

My decision to not drive with Mr. Out stands.
tech support, stupid

Little updates.

tatteredfairy has taken the evil, evil Serpent's Kiss --here's hoping it passes muster!

No scary-disturbing dreams, happily.

Coming up on vacation time right quick!!

Have inflated the yoga ball I brought to work. It is large enough to take out a wall-hung plasma-screen gigantamungous TV if thrown right. Coincidentally enough, this is what serves for clocks in the department I am in. Team lead has been playing with ball. This may not end well. Fortunately our department has sufficient distance from clocks that we may be safe.