June 19th, 2008

running, bomb tech

Little bits.

http://ursulav.livejournal.com/788772.html -- now I want to see this painting.

My darling co-workers, please check out http://www.livejournal.com/manage/invites.bml

Right now I'm carrying some bitter and hurt. The only thing I can think of to do to make it better is to define how it should be, and how it could be and not make me bitter and hurt and betrayed. More on that later. Maybe. But now that I know how to define it, I'll get around it some way.

And it's almost time for work.
running, bomb tech

Daily randomness of Miss Lunatic

  • 10:31 Iiiiii have a crush on a geeeeeekboy. (Not being particularly subtle, but hey, that's what these things are for.) #
  • 20:30 Tomato fail. #
  • 20:57 I am feeling hurt in my good-faith part. Do not want to touch another request like that again, ever. #
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