July 20th, 2008

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Writers retreat fun.

Brought booze. Spent time in water recreation area. Lazy river sounded fun; went several rounds vs. the inner tube before succeeding. Arm is scraped from concrete upon being flipped. Almost lost glasses. Finally succeeded at inner tube. These things have no steering. Small children need to stay the fuck in their inner tubes and not almost get run over, or actually run over either for that matter.

Had sleep (not much). Got unexpected email. :D

Did dinner. RA sushi in Scottsdale next to the Scottsdale bars has Scottsdale barflies and too much very loud music. Good food, though. azwriter is learning things she never knew existed in the world. Came back to hotel.

Attacked computers; set up ad-hoc wireless network and internet connection sharing, as hotel had no wireless. I am proud of myself.

Hung out on balcony with everyone but sleeping hcolleen. Booze was had, gossip was had, and we totally out-"WOAH!"ed those people in that other suite. Oh, and cheese.

Crashed out early. Woke up early. Exchanged a large number of emails with Darkside, being very very silly with each other. Cleaned up and checked out.

Her Nibs tagged something in the living room to express her displeasure. *sigh* Such is life with cats.

Dr. Horrible is excellent, and mocks the misogynist superhero genre delightfully.

Headed over to hang out with Darkside (and Slayers) as soon as I figure out where I put my clothes.
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Grandma, Dad's mother, has died. She was well over 80, and has been declining for several years. When last I saw her, she still did have coherent periods, but they were growing shorter and shorter. Someone from home called as I was heading home from Darkside's. I called back and left a message, and called Guide Dog Aunt and Tay-Tay and left messages as well. I hope it was peaceful. One of the last times I saw her, she said that she just wanted to lie down in a chair on the lawn and fall asleep and not wake up. Guide Dog Aunt thought that was morbid and said that Grandma had been diagnosed with depression. I wasn't so sure about that. It just sounded like she was very old and tired and everything wasn't working anymore, especially her mind. I don't know what-all was wrong besides old and falling apart. I hope it was peaceful.

I am not sure in what proportion to be sad and be relieved. It was a long trip downhill, and I'm glad it's over. I never spent much time with her. But she is my Grandma. Mostly I'm just numb right now, I guess. [Edit: I did not see much of her during my childhood, as she was in California and I was in Alaska. This is going to be a much worse blow for Dad, Mama, and the California branch of the family.]

Grandma is survived by her four children, six grandchildren, and a couple of great-grandchildren as well (the elder set of cousins are both married off).
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