July 25th, 2008


Today, I was an adult.

Today, I bought lunch for the next three weeks (tuna salad and crackers) and grapes (well, and chocolate too) instead of going to the movies.

I shared my chocolate with my co-workers.

Our new team lead beaned me with a piece of chocolate, and that is probably karma, because I bounced chocolate off of Beach-Ball Boy's head more than once. (Literally.) (Oh, and our new team lead is the provider of beachballs.)

Instead of going to the movies, I went over to Picard's with armaina, the Cranky Old Geek, the Kid, and Neo, an Infra-Red Cube Badge Guy (I think -- either that or he's a Red Cube Badge Guy). Much fun was had. Picard's white cat shed on my clothes and Neo's clothes, because of course the two people wearing black had to pick up the white cat. We watched the Star Wars Robot Chicken, which was hysterical.

We then played Rock Band.

The Cranky Old Geek and the Kid declared their intention to sit it out (with beer), as they were planning to laugh it up as we flailed and failed. Picard was lead guitar. armaina was drums, Neo was bass, and I was vocals, and good thing too, because while my button-mashing skills are not so hot, I can actually hold a tune, and holding a tune is required for Rock Band, just as it is for Karaoke Revolution.

There were technical difficulties. The Kid laughed and pointed. I didn't know what to do with my controller. And then we started in. It went pretty well. "The Hand That Feeds" was fun; I got to snarl some. Despite not knowing a single word of "Hammerhead", I surprised myself by being able to follow the tune pretty well. Neo started pushing for "Still Alive" about the same time Picard wanted to try me on guitar. Oh, ha ha. I bombed out massively on the first two songs prior to Still Alive ("Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld" was involved), but Picard wasn't doing too badly on vocals. Then we hit "Still Alive", and Picard attempted to take his voice into GLaDOS's range. Oh, ha ha. Neo forced a switch back, and I proceeded to rock the house *down*, because this is a song that I know and love. At one point I seem to recall actually being the one to save the song from a fail. :D I ruled on that.

I was all revved up for "Orange Crush", but unfortunately they have split it into two parts, and where they diverge, I am evidently singing the backing vocals when I sing along, for lo, I was bloody weak there. I redeemed myself somewhat with "More than a Feeling" (or was it "Dead or Alive"?). We did "Hier Kommt Alex", where I proved my skill at la-la-la and holding a tune.

My voice is ragged, and my diaphragm is a little annoyed, as I wasn't just singing for most of it, I was actually *singing*.

I went home at a reasonably reasonable hour.

When I got home, myrrhianna was working on her website. Since I know the interface she was working with, I helped her zip through bits and pieces fairly fast, and got her hosts file edited (remember to de-edit after 48 hours at the outside, hon; just leave the line in and kill the line with your IP and domain) and her website is therefore visible from her computer in all its coming-soon-page-built-by-her-in-FrontPage glory.

Hooray for being an adult.
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