July 27th, 2008

phone, cordless phone

IRC silliness: the iPhone Web App

[13:22] * Azz points at wibbble
[13:22] Azz: This is the guy who wants an iPhone client.
[13:24] gerg: Well, there's /mobile/ ;)
[13:25] * Azz spraypaints /mobile/ gloss white
[13:25] Azz: & adds a few reflections
[13:26] phoenix: snerk
[13:26] gerg: don't forget gigantic fuck-off buttons
[13:26] Azz: & rounded corners
[13:26] gerg: there you go, it's an iPhone app!
[13:26] phoenix: livejournal.com/imobile/
[13:26] wibbble: Yes, big buttons and sliding javascript/CSS effects.
[13:26] av8rmike: oh, and "Posted from my iPhone" footer
[13:26] gerg: right, because what good is an iPhone if everyone doesn't know you have one. As often as possible.
[13:26] wibbble: And it replaces your default icon with Jesus using an iPhone.

(And by "wants" I mean "is plotting some web-app fun and looking for implementation pointers", and thus I dragged him into IRC.)