August 3rd, 2008

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Voice Post

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“Hi, I am in California. I got there okay. I got picked up by Guide Dog Uncle, etc. I'm a little better than I was anticipating. Um, I figured out how to get my phone to make prepaid calls even though it is not currently hooked up with anybody's network really due to a stupid maneuver on my part. Um, I am at the memorial and weenie roast. We are having an excellent time. There are all sorts of children and there are all sorts of relations and there is all sorts of food oh my god. The hummus and bread seems to be a winner. There are exotic weenies. That's hot dogs to you sick perverted freaks on my friends list. [giggles] There is no chocolate, however, except for the little dollops in the middle of the not-so-great cookies. It is too warm for ice cream. I asked my aunt and I see that my cousin is lugging his juggling balls and they're, really they're in a pair of socks and it's... [giggles] Yeah it's, it's great not to have to bring things and um... I will be back sometime this evening. Bye bye. I love the Frank~”

Transcribed by: jai_dit
running, bomb tech

Tweets for 2008-08-04

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  • Sunday, 0428: @gameboyguy13 J--- D---- *--------, you get your tailfeathers INTO that kitchen RIGHT NOW, you hear me? WASH!!!
  • Sunday, 0535: Almost ready to go. Hooray airport. Will be out of range for appx next 16 hours.
  • Sunday, 2256: Back. Family has regrouped. Phoenix has Weather. Darkside makes bad puns.

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