August 6th, 2008

living room


It has been gorgeously raining out there. In order to properly appreciate this, I have opened my window. In order to not be wasteful in doing so, I have turned off the a/c.

This means that when people get up and need the a/c, please barge into my room and shut the window first. (Oh, I hope it's going to be nice and cool and rainy.)
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    Three Dog Night - Joy to the World
communications, Uhura


If the heavens do ever open up and get me my Dream Job, I think I know what I want my title to be. I want to be "Communications Officer" -- my job would be to know what is going on around the official areas, direct people contacting the wrong area of the virtual switchboard to the specialized areas of help or support they need, keep at least a vague pulse on what the crew and passengers are thinking, write occasional reports on what's going on, and serve as translator, as needed, between areas that need to be communicating with each other but somehow aren't.

I could start at 30k plus benefits, with raises for awesome.
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    as if. *sigh*
chocolate, no artificial shortages

GIP: "No Artificial Shortages"

In re-reading Komarr, I noticed that I did not have a chocolate icon. I fixed that.

If anyone happens to come up with a better "No Artificial Shortages" icon, preferably involving chocolate, cream, and pecans, I would be very interested to snag see it.
running, bomb tech

Tweets for 2008-08-07

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  • Wednesday, 0058: @loudtweeter Congratulations!
  • Wednesday, 0120: Reading Komarr again. Next up, A Civil Campaign. I needed this weekend.
  • Wednesday, 1919: @gameboyguy13 Save some of your sobriety for booze.
  • Wednesday, 1922: Writers group, on linguistics: "Greek is a pain in the butt."
  • Wednesday, 1922: Heather in leather.

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