August 7th, 2008


Ancient History

Anyone got a good comprehensive history of LJ Admin vs. LJ Users, beyond the major stuff, the major stuff to be defined as:

1) the 6A buyout
2) ads
3) assorted and not necessarily specified controversial moments involving the Abuse Prevention Team including boobies
4) assorted and not necessarily specified controversial technical changes that were not popular
5) Strikethrough, which is in a category of its own, to be burned, have the ashes burned, and then the ground in which they're buried salted
6) the removal and subsequent proposed return of Basic accounts

If so, comment, please.
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We make our own entertainment.

Assorted things in IRC led to the concept of The History of LJ: The Opera! The following features contributions from everyone who was there, including, but not limited to, jai_dit, pauamma, kamara, right and whatever phoenix's username is phoenixdreaming.

We'd need a Brad. Casting call followed. We'd need Brad's Mom, Developers, a User Chorus, Trolls, Ops, a clashing, sequin-studded dance troupe to represent Icons, a pantomime Goat (Frank), a backdrop to the set that changes every minute or so, pulled in and out by stagehands dressed in otherwise inexplicable colorful horse costumes...

Part of the opera must be dedicated to the blackout.

The entire house goes black, and a very tight spotlight falls on a soloist pulled from the user chorus (probably a soprano). She starts singing while fumbling around in the dark.

Another spotlight on the other side of the stage, and another soprano soloist from the user chorus starts. They're facing away from each other, unaware of each other.This section might be in the form of a round.

The basses start in, very quietly, with "re-load. re-load. re-load." All is still in darkness.

A larger spotlight represents IRC, with volunteers joining together, still with the sopranos as counterpoint.

Lights come up very dimly; Emergency Backup Journal locations are apparent. The meet-and-greet from the chorus swells, and the number ends to make way as Ops tries to clear up the mess.

The heartrendingly comic "Big Red Button" duet between Ops and the Colo Klutz follows. The Big Red Button will be visible for the entire show; many of the dance routines will come perilously close to it. Later, a bowl of petunias may fall on it.

right brought up Nipplegate. OK. "...We use these boobs to feed our baby / We don't care 'bout lotus pods or other slightly shady / forms of nipples on the internet..."

DDoS attacks are clearly a great moment for a zombie crowd; this is where the Ops' song "Send Shotguns and Fire" comes in (an obvious homage to "Lawyers, Guns, and Money").

The chorus will have parts for different prominent portions of the userbase as well as SATB, and should be able to dance as well as sing, because there's no way that we can represent scrolling through the friendspage without a whole lot of sound and motion.
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