August 8th, 2008


Stuff of interest re: LJ: stats, search, servers

Current update.

Fun stuff is getting plotted for site speed, and search. Of more debatable interest are the stats. Stats have been live for Cyrillic Services (SUP) users since quite a while; I have poked and heard that in addition to the announcement in lj_2008, there is also an announcement planned for news prior to this going live, and the existing opt-out for SUP stats will work for this so if you're already opted-out that way, you won't have to do it twice (and you can do it ahead of time). There may also be other sources of entertainment, such as the a la carte userpics planned for November, and the permanent account sale ditto.

You know how when you write something, you have five people look over it, and then a minute after you publish it approximately ten things that could have been better jump out? Yeah, it looks like that happens to theljstaff too. :D

As soon as I track down where and how to find the SUP stats opt-out, I'll be sharing that with the rest of the class. For Real Live Official Answers, head on over to the happening times at lj_2008, where marta is gamely fielding comments and probably wishing that about ten of the most commonly asked questions had been asked prior to the post going live. Oh, and devs are reading comments there, or at least getting summarized.
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Concept: Constructive Criticism Card

As a compromise between the Cult of Nice and the Cult of Wanting To Read Damn Good Writing, how about a web service that offers Constructive Criticism Cards?

As a reader, you would visit the Constructive Criticism Card website, and tick off tickyboxes on a form. Upon submitting, you would have an HTML snippet -- a lovely image with alt text, linking to a page with customized links to assorted articles on writing (and doing it well).

The image and alt text bit of the card would read something like, "One of your readers thought your writing shows potential. They took the time to recommend these ways that you could improve this piece in future revisions, or take into consideration for future pieces. Please keep writing in good health." The picture would probably have flowers and ribbons on it.

This would help people who would like to give constructive criticism, but don't have the time (or, especially, the tact) to write out the things that this person could be doing better.

This would help writers learn.

This would help writers by guaranteeing that they have well-wishes along with the things that they could be doing better, and would hopefully come off as a gracious and loving gesture.

It would also help maintain boundaries for people who really don't want any sort of criticism, just love. The actual advice itself won't be staring them in the face when they read their reviews; the flowers and ribbons will. They can nerve themselves up to go read the things that they might be able to use some work on.
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Tweets for 2008-08-09

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Friday, 0802: I got a better signal (in a thunder storm) from the neighbors' two-bar unsecured wireless than our router's five bar. HULK SMASH.
  • Friday, 0803: @asciident Simultaneous.
  • Friday, 0943: Roommates ordered me to bed in Japanese. This caused assorted silliness as H advanced with shoo-hands, and I responded with chewed gum.
  • Friday, 0944: @ursamajor I was right.
  • Friday, 1009: @ursamajor Yay!
  • Friday, 1013: The Traumatic CCFF00 Underwear are gracing a trash bin near me, as they had become 999933 and holesome.
  • Friday, 1520: I have a headache caused by being awake in the middle of my sleep cycle.
  • Friday, 2019: Co-worker last night: "Just call me Miss Sarcasm." Me: "Oddly enough, when I mention you in LJ posts, that's the nickname I picked." "Cool!"
  • Friday, 2041: Post of Doom got no love today, as I was catching up with other stuff. Blackberry and iPhone people got pointers.
  • Friday, 2044: Reporters booted from Black Hat con:
  • Friday, 2144: @gameboyguy13 *hugs* *pets* You're a good little brother.
  • Friday, 2153: Usage: asterisks are not for a parenthetical statement. They are for an action. Parentheses are for a parenthetical statement. *smites*
  • Friday, 2157: Music: "No One Mourns the Wicked" in my head. Stuck there a bit.

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